Affordable Couch for a Small House

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Our couch has been with us like forever. I do not even remember my parents buying that couch. Every time that couch fades it seating color or got tear up by old age. My mother always brings it to shops that fix couches. It is much cheaper and you can still choose if you want to change the seating cover to a more elegant and colorful one. That is always what my parents do every time that couch cover was busted. However, just like old things and people aheemm, it has an end. Few weeks ago, that couch decides to retire. One of its legs got broke down and I have to find a temporary solution to that problem since we still need to find a new couch replacement. I just put wood on the broken leg so that people would seat in that couch would be comfortable.

Choosing the right couch to our living room is somewhat hard especially if you don’t know anything about it. What should be the perfect color that would match the color of our living room, or if flower cover is nice or what kind of couch design should we buy to make our living room elegant and beautiful in a homey way.

Right now, I am still looking for an affordable couch that would fit and look perfect in our little house. Buying expensive couch is not an option because my parents are planning to sell the house anyway.

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