A Good First-aid Manual and First-aid Kit a Home Should Possess

Every home should possess not only a complete first-aid kit but also a good first-aid manual for the whole family welfare. First-aid kit should be or preferably store in a kitchen cupboard, but out of the reach of young children. However, learning from a book is never as good as taking an approved course and being taught how to handle and care for an injured or sick person in an emergency. The aims for first-aid are: first, to save life, second, to prevent a person’s condition from worsening, and third, to help the person to begin their recovery.

Here are some points to remember in the event of an accident:

1. keep calm, and do tour best to calm the victim (the injure person).
2. Seek help (for example, by calling an ambulance).
3. Make sure that no further harm is done to the victim by moving them. A person with a back injury, for instance should not be moved until expert help arrives.
4. If it is safe to move the person, make them comfortable and keep them warm.

A first-aid is the branch of medical science in which treatment is given to people suffering from accident or from sudden illness. It is called first-aid because the treatment must be given at once.

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