Always Remember The ABC for Unexpected Serious Accidents

In an event for a serious accidents. The ABC rule helps you decide what to do first.

A is for Airway. Nothing else you do will help unless the victims airway (mouth, throat, and wind pipe) is clear so that they can breathe. this means looking for breathe-in objects and if the victim is lying down, making sure the head is pulled back and on its side so that the tongue does not flop back and black the throat.

B is for Breathing. Even if the victim’s airway is clear, the breathing muscles, or the nerves and part of the brain that controls them may be injured. Artificial respiration is needed for someone who is not breathing.

C is for Circulation. This means the victim’s heart should be pumping well and the blood should be circulating round the body and not flowing out from a wound.

In every serious accidents the first-aider must think quickly and clearly because someone’s life may be in danger.

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