Uncluttered Year Hopeful

Leaving things where you get it is a nice attitude especially if you are inside in a shopping mall. Sales person would really appreciate that kind of attitude because they don’t need to follow you everywhere you go, but how about in dealing with your own things. Leaving the things you used anywhere in the house can cause clutter.

This year, I will try my best to put the things I use to where it belongs to prevent facing a messy house environment for the whole year. I don’t want to experience last years searching problem because I forgot where I put my other things and my sissy’s teaching stuff. I am the one who brought her teaching things when she flew to the US unplanned and when she ask me to find that things, I had hard time looking for it since it was really an old important stuff for her.

We had to accept that when you get older, you tend to forget small details that is important. That is always the problem especially if you don’t belong in a household that eat and prepared healthy foods for the brain (memory booster) ;-) three time a day. I lived by myself and most of the time I forgot to eat most of it because of my laziness.

So for those who possess a clutter attitude like me or messy lifestyle. Maybe this is the time to start to uncluttered our home for a peaceful and better life ahead (literally or not).

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