Photos everywhere

I am still undecided if I like taking photos since I am lazy to bring the camera with me and to lazy again to use my phone to take photos. But I love looking at the photos my sisters and friends in fb and hope I can be as enthusiasm to take photos like them. Well, maybe most of the time my captured pics are not that appealing to me that is why I easily get bored ans tired to continue to take photos. If I only can afford to enroll in a photography school, I won’t hesitate to enroll but unfortunately, I’ not wealthy enough for that kind of privileges. Anyways, my parents house is different. They just newly fix the ceiling and re-paint the walls and look what my dear mother decorate on the newly painted walls and shelves. Photos and more photos of her children from high school graduation photos to christening of her grandchildren. We don’t have these much picture frame before but looking at the parents house wall. It is amazing how she gets all those picture of all my siblings and their family. Looking at all those photos makes me sad sometimes because me and our youngest sister are the only single in all those photos (LOL).





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