Life abroad.

Our youngest sister is working in meddle east for almost three years now. She had her vacation last year and we talk so many things about the life, people and the culture and tradition of the meddle eastern people.

This country is rich in oil which leads them to have a blissful country. There people are will supportive by their government that they can buy anything and even if they don’t like to work they still receive money from the government. The nice thing in meddle east is that they don’t pay taxes which means there cost of living is not that expensive.

I even remember my sister talking about if only she can buy a car and send it to the Philippines through best cargo shipping company It will be good if we don’t’ have to pay taxes also maybe life will be better, and my father will have the best smile ever while driving that car. But sad to say life is unfair she cant’ do it because she only have small salary so better just send some goodies through what we called balik bayan box and still use the service of a cargo company to send that goodies to my family back in the Philippines.

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