She bought a new curtain

My mother knows how to sew. If I remember it right. She is the one who made our curtains before that is why we have few old curtains that was only stock in the cabinet because most of it are really old and faded.

She still has her sewing machine. The very old one and the new one but she only uses the new one that was given to her by her aunt. But unlike before, she doesn’t make curtains anymore. She just use it to sew her tear clothes. She just uses the old curtains that are still good and bought new curtains if it is on sale.

I never knew some curtains are expensive, maybe because I am not a homey type of gals or just don’t have my own house to care for curtains and all to decorate.

So I think learning to sew is a plus if you wan’t your own types of curtains in a very friendly price. It may be hard on looking for the right fabric but atleast you can personalize it according to your liking. You don’t need to wait for sale in the mall to have new curtains.

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