Need an upgrade or reboot

It is ashamed that i just updated this blog just now. I have been meaning to update all the blogs that i maintained but everytime i think about the device or gadget that i will use, i’ll get tired all of a sudden.

The netbook i am using right now is kind of slow. That is why i have been conditioning myself to find a good troubleshooter/mechanics or anyone who is very good in computer. Sadly, until now i am still in the thinking process, lazy me.

I want to upload pictures of my nieces and family members since this blog is about family, kids and all those households updates and renovation but unfortunately i can’t because the device still needs update/reboot too run faster. I easily get bored when loading a page is very slow.

I left my laptop in cagayan because it is too heavy for me to carry it. So i will just try to be patient with this baby i’m using right now, no other choice.

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