Take time to relax, Music on

What I like about music is you can play any genre you like depending on you mood. Most of the time I listen to slow rock when studuying and love tones when riding a bus. It calms me especially when I want to sleep. So it is important to me to have my earphone/headhones at all time, I don’t want other to be disturb with my music.

But lately all my headphones broke and I have to buy new ones. It so happen that I don’t have a budget for expensive headphones. Just a temporary headphones while saving for the ones the I like. I also saving something for a best noise cancelling headphones at Musician’s Friend because I also need one like this. It helps me when I listen to clear music because my headphones is deaf sometimes.

I so love that I get to find online site that has this kind of accessories. I don’t need to wait in line for stores to open just to find what I want and sometimes they still don’t have stock.

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