Nephew’s 1st Birthday

Last month was my nephew’s 1st birthday.
His parents put up a little celebration for him on that day since they plan to celebrate the big party few days after the birthday date together with the birthday boy older brother. The two boys parents wants to have one big celebration for the them.

It is really hard to find birthday gifts for the both of them especially if you only have limited resources for it. The older brother keep telling his mama that he want’s to be a rock star, and when you say rock stars you need to be cool as in play guitars and have knowledge about music accessories like monster power conditioner I sometimes encounter online while surfing the net. This product is fine with it’s features that will make you want to get to know what ot does.


However, since my nephew is still 5 years old and I don’t have the resources yet to buy him any musical instrument, maybe a toy that has a playing sounds is prefect for the both of them or I could just say Happy Birthday to my two handsome nephews with a hug.

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