Getting Crazy in Reading

My sister bought us a kindle and lately I have beem busy reading those romance books. Some of those are about about rock n’ roll and other types of music and songs. And just recently, I finish a book about rock chicks. It is about those women who find their true love with the help of rick musics. I even reseach some of those songs that they love. Mostly they love old roch songs. Member if the band that love to play rock music using thier own brand of music instruments. A drummer with his drum, a pianist with his piano and guitar player with his own kind of acoustic guiatar and keyboard player. Of couse, those music instruments are q
Equipt with there own reliable brand of mopho x4 that is awesome to play because of the clear sounds they produce. As I always say before, I love to play but we only have guitar and not really good at playing with it. Then no budget for a guitar instructor. Might as well just be contented listening to those music for now and reading while listening at most of the time.

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