Ways of Encouraging Yourself

They say that once in your life you will experience a downfall, when i say downfall its the time that you’ve been down and you fall, its sounds redundant but its two words that has different meanings. I experience that right now, at the age of 31 this year is the most cruel. I am down in a way that i had regrets by not pursuing what i want or what we call “Dream or Goal” i have insecurities because i am getting older and i am still not successful, i feel so useless because i cant do best in any field. I started to envy other people’s achievement and i got scared because its a sin to envy. I am still single and it seems no one notice that i exist i am not only insecure with my abilities but it everything. Emotional, physical and intellectual, i let it all eat me alive, the falling part is that at the same time i trust people so easily that i did not even notice that people can be evil in so many ways. They can take advantage of the trust and greedy of so many things that they only care for themselves. I give trust so easily because i have faith in God and hope for people. You can laugh about it but i really do believe it. so there is this people who take advantage of my trust and my ignorance. Because of that i get ruined not only mentally but my whole as person. After everything that happens I live everything behind i may not forget it and i may have regrets but life must go on and i should move forward. I’m in the situation right now that i am back to zero. I come to a thought that i didn’t understand yet why all those happens to me i still keep wondering if is it i am bad or because i am good. So for me not to be stuck in a downfall situation i make myself a list to encourage myself to move forward and no looking back.

1, Keep God or Universe (whatever you want to call it) in your mind and heart always.
keep yourself the faith and hope that you have and look forward for the better that is install for you in the future.
2, Keep yourself motivated that your not only beautiful on the outside but also in the inside.
confidence comes from ourselves, don’t let your inner negativity controls you, let out what is on your mind.
3, Don’t be scared to TAKE A RISK (this is my favorite right now) because that is what i am doing.
i was so scared for a long time to take a leap of faith because financially i am not stable but what the heck even now i am still not financially stable.
4, Remember the Idiom “If there’s a will there’s a way”.
keep in mind that you are your future. If you’re determine to want something you should go for it, stop making excuses. Stop creating regrets.
5, Accept that everything happens for a reason.
you may not understand everything that happens to you right now, all you have to do is to accept and understand that sometimes life is unfair and there is time that there are things that is not for you to have. In this way you can think clear and you can jump to other option and not to be forceful on it.

There are many ways to encourage yourself to heal and understand life. But for me this 5 ways that i mention are simple and basic but i think most people can relate. For me simplicity is still the best. We tend to exaggerate life happenings because we don’t like being simple, but in the end no matter how extravagant we become we still come back from being simple.

Dandelion seeds

Dandelion seeds

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