Saving Space for Small Rooms

Watching those houses that you pass by in a subdivision or houses that are posted online bring out the inner jealousy in your bones. No job and can’t afford to buy a home for yourself id hard. however, if you can own a room just a little space inside, it would be heaver. All you need to focus is make space for your hobby like reading books and putting some life on your small space. For the last couple of months since I got a room of my own. I have been thinking of doing something to accommodate my other belongings. Watching online crafty idea help me. I want to display my books so I plan to create a shelf to it but I don’t have budget yet for nice shelves so using used material is a must.

So here it is, my new but still need to improve bookshelves. I ask my sister who also love books to send me her other books because buying new books is somewhat expensive on me. I still need to find other materials though to make these bookshelves awesome.

And here is the paper photo frame. I don’t have space to put my photos so I just bought these and paste it on the wall. Same as the wall decoration. I am planning to paint the wall but it would be a big work considering my room only have small space.

So, if you want to be creative and explore the small space in your room. Watch videos online and create your own. Next stop, closet space.

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