I’m Home.

Nov. 8, 2016, is my flight going back to the Philippines. I ended my one year contract to my company because I was not happy anymore.
I’ve been working for five years and 2 mos. in Kuwait as a server or waitress for 4 years and 1 year and 2 mos. As a sales associate.
My life there is not what I visualize when I 1st came to that country, my plans were not fulfilled even if I tried, my earnings wasn’t enough because I only have less salary, I wasn’t able to save up and even give fully support to my family financially.
I experience culture shock and I was embracing the job that I have which I find hard to have in my own country. I feel so independent because I am by myself and I can decide on my own.
My parents didn’t demand anything, I gave in my own free will in any amount that I want to share.
I am happy when I arrived and started to work in Kuwait because I was jobless in the Philippines for over 2 years.
What I have in mind at that time is to work for only 2 years and save up so that I can pursue my application for the Philippine National Police but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick with that plan when I finish my first 2 years,
I wasn’t able to save because I enjoyed spending every day-off and I have a small salary to begin with. I decided to stay another two years even though deep inside me something is telling me that I shouldn’t extend my contract, but I didn’t listen because there is that fear of starting over again, I fear that I will experience again being jobless and feel useless to my family specially to my parents.
I disregard that voice within me. I then have my 1st vacation which it adds to my fear of going back in my own country.
My vacation money wasn’t enough that makes me decide more that maybe I should plan to stay a bit longer working in Kuwait.
I was thinking maybe my future is there, maybe I will be successful there. So I go back after my vacation try to continue my life, I tried to save but I am starting to feel that there is something wrong but still I didn’t mind it. I finish my 4 years contract from my previous company and apply locally, I get hired directly and have a minimum offer and it’s not bad for a 1st timer who is hired locally, the work is easy and relax very far from my previous work.
But I get bored and unhappy most of the time, and my expenses is very tight I will pay my own transportation, house, and food. But still I go on, I budget my salary, I spend less in my want and more on my needs like food, I add of what I send to my family.
I fell I started over again, I am saving because I am planning to have my second vacation, a month before my vacation that is when the adversity that comes in my life happens. It’s a big realization that hits me so hard that regrets sink in in my heart and mind, I shouldn’t stay there for that long, I should just follow that voice, and I should just face my fear and take the risk. And I decide to book a ticket and go home. I didn’t want to think what will happen.
If this is what God needs me to experience and overcome I will oblige him because I know that this is with a reasons and purpose. It is partly my mistake because I didn’t listen to his voice in the 1st place. I didn’t regret my decision even though I still feel lost and I am now jobless for 2 mos. But I feel that God is guiding me to the right direction, right people and right place. It’s never too late in Gods timing. I am now looking forward for a new journey and new life.

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