Hard to come by

This kind of encounter is hard to come by these days because the cute kid in the picture is now base in Davao because of the fathers work. Unlike before that the lolo (roro) and lola(owa) can visit him any day or can watch with him if the parents are busy paying the bills and all. And going to Davao to visit is just a very appealing idea.

Ride from Davao take 2 to 3 hours depending on the bus. That is why they’re very happy everyday they see the kid grandson. The lolo even allow him to play with the roster that the lolo like so much.




Get a black chrome for your drumhead

Like Gothic or dark color things and music instruments. Try choosing black chrome for your own music equipment at home. You can pair black to any kind of color so it won’t be bad to have black color musical instruments inside your house.

So if your looking for a high toms need to sound punchy and robust, not small and weak drumheads black chrome heads have got you covered with a drumheads from Evans engineered for depth, sustain and extreme durability for torrid metal and progressive drummers because with big drum kits comes big responsibility, then choose carefully.


She bought a new curtain

My mother knows how to sew. If I remember it right. She is the one who made our curtains before that is why we have few old curtains that was only stock in the cabinet because most of it are really old and faded.

She still has her sewing machine. The very old one and the new one but she only uses the new one that was given to her by her aunt. But unlike before, she doesn’t make curtains anymore. She just use it to sew her tear clothes. She just uses the old curtains that are still good and bought new curtains if it is on sale.

I never knew some curtains are expensive, maybe because I am not a homey type of gals or just don’t have my own house to care for curtains and all to decorate.

So I think learning to sew is a plus if you wan’t your own types of curtains in a very friendly price. It may be hard on looking for the right fabric but atleast you can personalize it according to your liking. You don’t need to wait for sale in the mall to have new curtains.


The perfect cabinet to save space


I just saw this type of cabinet in the mall because they have few wonderful ideas on how to decorate your rooms and how to save space too. I think this is almost like the ones in our old house but in a very cheaper made. This one is what I like. It is clean and you don’t have to move it because it is already attach to the wall. A good thinking in my opinion because if you want to move to another house, you don’t have to buy new cabinet if you wanted that old house to be rented by someone. Just make sure that it is attache or put in the right area of the house so it won’t be a burden of you change the sittings of the bed or redecorate you personal belongings.


Started decorating for Christmas

The parents house is not that big and they also have plenty of old and new things. They still have a handful of things in our old house in Cagayan that was still in Cagayan but that won’t stop my mother to assemble her Christmas tree (given by her daughter-in-law) and decorate it. All the Christmas decorations are old. The balls, angels and the shining leaves some of them are hers and some were given to her.

She is planning to add more little decor on it but I think it is beautiful and full of decors already. Decorating early, are we excited or just don’t have anything to do?