Thank you Ting and Jie…

My sister Shiela and Racheal send us money as gift for this Christmas.
I love you both…:-)

I bought this
EYE GLASS from Penshoppe and EARRINGS from UniSilver.

Also useful stuff like Face powder( My first time to buy), cute Clamp, Facial Cleanser and wash.


V is for Vacation

V is for Vacation

My sister had her vacation with us here in the Philippines last summer. She gave us some few cash and took us to Camiguin Island. She and her closest friend paid all the expenses from transportation, food and lodging. We went hiking with some of her friends and had beach picnic. We also watched some local band concert and of course another free ride.

Anyhow, thanks tp ABC team for hosting this meme… Advance Merry Christmas!!!! :-)



Visiting our old Place…

At the house…


Swimming with our Niece Juleanne

This is my entry for this Watery Wednesday meme.
This is my niece Juleanne, She loves the water so much, She wont come out in the water even if she is like freezing and trembling, This pool is 2ft i guess my sister is holding her so that she cant drink water from the pool but the adventurous lean is not scared she likes to tease my sister by jumping and walking surprisingly.Just look at the huge smile.. She really love it and enjoyed it so much.. I wish she could visit us again next year…:-) Have a nice Weekdays everyone!!! Advance Merry Christmas!!! Good health for all of us and Peace of Mind….


The Vizconde massacre

Yesterday i was watching TV when suddenly it was being interrupted by the news about the decision of the Supreme Court on the Vizconde Massacre that the suspects are being acquitted of the said case. As i saw Mr. Vizconde crying ang start to faint because of the unexpected result, I cried with him, I really feel the hurt that he felt, I was not really interested on this case because i was young when it happens. He fight for the case for over 15 years now and it ended like this.. I feel a shame of the justices in our country because of the in justice and for being slave of political connections and of course the Money. I had goosebumps thinking that those people have no conscience in their body, They are not scared of God. I believe in God. Maybe they were not punish now that they live in this world but I do believe in hell.. God is the one who knows everything… He will punish whoever that person is.


Ruby Tuesday

This my entry for this RT… Me and my sister visiting the place were we live when we were still young… Our childhood memories was build here.. the exact stairs that we sited while watching our friends playing in the river and picking wild flowers..:-) I don’t know the name of the flower beside us all i know is that they’re red and my sister bra strap was exposed… waaaaaaaaaaaa… sorry!!!!
Advance Merry Christmas!!!!