Delight with Tranquillity

It feels good to spend your weekends with the family or friends. travel to places to relax and unwind, reward yourself for a vacation for the hard work, just for a time that your out of the pressure, stress, life’s hustle. out of the world’s problem. just simply spend a moment to yourself or family to have enjoyment and treat yourself like you own the world. its not to much to ask i guess, of course to accomplish it all it must be will plan. The place where you want to spend the vacation, choosing the hotel for the reservation and everything. York Hotel they offer range of weekend breaks and short stay ins, best for holiday or any event for celebration, and if you feel like being away for the couple of days just for yourself where you can think away from reality. its a countryside side hotel were that dream vacation you want will be accomplish. the services they offer is fit for those hard working people who wants to have a break for life’s hustle and bustle. just click it and you will know for yourself what i am talking about, then think it through, you can start you holiday with your family and it will be like you didn’t leave your own home.


Camera Critters – The Assassin

Camera Critters

My Prince being an assassin.. :-)


Change of Mind and Template

My sister was in the mood again to stay up way as way way late. I think her dragons were already in lalala land while she was still up in the wee hour of the night. What had she been doing? Well, here’s the reason Ta Da?!!! Our new sissy layout and header. I wonder if she is having a change of mind of having this blog a makeover which obviously need one total makeover. She told me last night that she already contacted the blog designer who will change the look of our blog. But, when I visited her blog she seems like having trouble with computer stuff, software and everything. Anyhow, we are not in a hurry so we will just wait. For the meantime what do you think of our new blog look folks and peepz?


Using the New Technology

Our Economy now are having a tough time, the crisis is unstoppable. though the government is doing their best not to worsen it, still it is the big problem most of the country, unemployment is increasing and some of the businesses are having turn down point into bankruptcy, while all this things happens we therefore conclude that most of us say that we must be practical in dealing everything specially the finances. base on my observation the most affected on this economic crisis are those in local industry because they have small and limited offer specially in business. WebVisible a very resourceful place to consult about how will those local businesses can connect to their customer, its a good idea that the local businesses will engage in this new way of advertising even though its a problem that most of in the local business doesn’t know about it, but the thing is it can easily be learn and its practical as well as a big help for the the business and the customer, they will enjoy watching the advertisement and it surely can grab attentions of customer since most people now is using the new technology as source of knowledge, pleasure, and of course income.


SkyWatch Friday

Its my First time to join the Skywatch friday. i dont know if i do it correctly or not, guess i have to wait for my sister shy to comment if i am doing the right thing or not. i suck in following instruction.
I took this picture earlier, The sun is shining so brightly and the clouds are seems like playing by making forms that i cannot describe :-) its rainy season in our country starting from September to December, but its usually worst in the month of November its so random that we see the sun this bright.