Friday Fill Ins.

I am back.. i guess it still feels like my first time in joining meme FFI.. hehehe Goodluck to me… im such a loser in following instructions… T_T..this is my FFI. Happy Halloween Guys!!!

So…here we go!

1. While the cat’s away it probably trying to find a mate :-).

2. I buy a shirt worth 98 pesos in the mall fabuloso!

3. Children are the hope of our nation(according to Dr. Jose Rizal).

4. I directly ask if there is food, i am always hungry ;-) when I get home from work or shopping or what have you.

5. This may seem odd, but i love cats but my pet are dogs.

6. I lay in the bed w/o nothing to do and that seems like a fine idea to me!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a night out with my girlfriends, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house, wash my cloths and bath my dogs and Sunday, I want to go to church, buy DVD and watch it in my room using my sister jijie’s TV… heheheh!


From Dubai.. courtesy of my Friend Marife Sillacay!

I was shock this morning when my friend came to the house and got me this present as her (pasalobong) for me, she work in dubai, she is been there for two years so she is given by the the company for 48days vacation, so she spend it her in Cagayan de Oro because she also miss her family and wants to spend the all saints/souls day. she gave me this box of toblerone chocolate and Tommy Hilfiger girl perfume. i am so like it and i miss my friend too, we’ve been friends since high school. Thank You Best!!!…


Watery Wednesday – Aquarium

My sister in Pittsburgh shared this photo from their trip to the Pittsburgh zoo. It’s really pretty so i thought of sharing it here in watery Wednesday. Click the badge to visit other watery post.


Its Tatay’s 3rd Death Anniversary.

Today October 27, 2010 is the 3rd year that our tatay donicio passed away, me and mama visit the cemetery we prayed the rosary, while waiting for our relatives in the cemetery i come to think that i feel so sorry to tatay, i was not able to visit him in the hospital when he is admitted because i have work. and i never thought that he will pass after 3 days because our aunt mariz told us that tatay is doing fine, its inly a mild stroke, when me and my sister wiwing decided that we will volunteer to watch for him in the hospital we receive a text form aunt mariz that tatay just passed away. its feels like its just a dream its kinds shocking actually i can still remember it, i even wasn’t able to cry in the burial. though we are not that closed to our tatay because he is a little strict, but we are in there house if there are occasions. i feel so bad really that i did not do anything for tatay, i didn’t even give something to him. i ask forgiveness to him every time i looked in his picture. i can still remember his smile because of my sisters sense of humor and when he cries because all his children are there one Christmas and some of us his grandchildren. my nanay and aunt bebe still cried when they arrived in the cemetery and started the prayer for my tatay. if only i can turn back the time.. T_T

Tatay donisio (wearing the grey polo shirt) with my Father. this picture was taken year 2003 when my sister racheal introduced kelly to our clan.



October 25 is the Barangay Election here in the Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines..hehehe.. of course me and my family participated the said election. We receive many illegal offer from different candidates, we are tempt to accept it but i guess we don’t want to vote for the candidate just because of the money, so all this people that is on the list are the people we voted, we don’t remember their faces and even don’t listen to their promises we just follow our parents decision to vote straight to one party that they think who are or maybe can easily be approach. my father really is the one who know all this candidate, he is the one who most have the interest to know all those candidate, he listen to the rally and the campaign of the candidates so we trust him that the people we voted are nice and can really be trusted that they will use their political power. :-)