Aries Daily Love for March 6, 2010

I like reading horoscope everyday. It inspire me if I read positive about my day. Well, for some reason horoscope give some scope of what to expect today, tomorrow and in the future based on astrology. Here is my horoscope for today. Below is an astrology for year of the tiger 2010.
Daily Flirt:

Something only seems impossible, but if you break it down into lots of tiny little steps, it’s not only possible — it’s probable. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

Daily Couples:

As befits your sign and style, you’re electric at the moment — but when it comes to being in a relationship, you’ve also got to be grounded. Make sure you’re considering the both of you in terms of the real world.

Daily Singles:

It’s time to transform your romantic life and make it what you’ve always wanted it to be. The stars want you to make the most of this opportunity, so some deep work on your part is necessary right now.

March 6, 2010 – Daily Overview for Chinese Tiger

You could feel as though people are ganging up on you. Try to resist the urge to be paranoid and wary of everyone. Just go about your business as usual and let these feelings fall to the wayside. Most likely your imagination is blowing them out of proportion.


1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Tiger Overview

Your year has arrived, and you are likely to find it more comfortable than most. That does not mean, however, it will be more successful. This could be a case of too much of a good thing. Yes, you are lucky. Yes, you enjoy taking a risk. You can bet the year’s ambiance will encourage extremes even beyond your natural inclinations. In other words, you are vulnerable to suffer from overdoing it, from living on the edge and falling off it. You are going to have a few splendid successes in 2010. On the other hand, do not be surprised if your failures are even more spectacular. Self-control wins the day.
Tiger Rating

41% (3 favorable, 1 neutral and 8 unfavorable months)
Tiger Career

Tiger’s natural leadership and charisma are enhanced this year, and you may find your ideas and initiatives get more traction than usual. It feels great to be listened to and treated like the boss. The only downside could come if you let this deference go to your head and fail to seek out others’ expertise and experiential wisdom. Coworkers are not likely to reign you in, so you need to be extra vigilant to make wise, considered decisions and go out of your way to consult with respected peers and mentors. This year will present opportunities of your wildest imaginings, but you will need abundant self-discipline in order to make them realities. Success is in your reach, but beware of pride and overconfidence; it is not a foregone conclusion.
Tiger Relationships

Personal relationships are likely to be Tiger’s strongest suit this year. Your active and rewarding social agenda could be the envy of most others; expect to have fun in 2010. But even this pales in light of your prospects for love. Romantic passion is likely to be at its highest mid-year, which is also a very lucky time for a Tiger to marry. Domesticity could hold much of your attention this year. You may get special satisfaction in 2010 from time spent on homefront matters and family relationships. If you are single, important friendships should develop pleasingly over the course of the year and become a central focus of your life. In the spring, you could meet someone who will play a key role in your life, possibly as part of a celebratory event.
Tiger Health

Tigers could suffer the effects of exhaustion this year without even realizing they have overexerted themselves. It is in your best interest to take extra precautions to ensure you get enough sleep, and to practice healthful exercise and good nutrition habits to allow your body to recover from overindulgences, of which there may be many. Intensity and high stakes in almost every area of your life make you feel alive, but place stress on your overall health, something with which you may have to cope later. Let 2010 be the year you learn to love green foods. If you have experienced mental setbacks in recent years, you should benefit psychologically from new beginnings now.
Tiger Wealth

This year is likely to bring an increase in the Tiger’s wealth. Money could flow from unanticipated sources, and income is likely to increase. You will be best served financially by setting aside windfalls as savings. The temptation and, possibly, social pressure to consume your new profits could be strong. However, it would be a mistake to assume money will be here to stay. Maximize your financial opportunities, but don’t lose your head. Consider making large purchases at a discount and hunt for bargains, even if you can afford retail markups. Wisely shore up your position for the long term.

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Feather Dancing Kittens

Have you seen this dancing kittens at If not, well take a minute and watch this video here. I’m sure you will smile with the grace of these little kittens. Whoever the owner is, your video is awesome! You can check this out too at funny videos.


5 Easy Ways to Be Happy

Here are five ways to make happiness your mission:

1. Think about what you need the most — right at this moment. Do you need some quiet time? A cup of tea? Maybe you need to read something uplifting, or a blog post to lift your spirits … Whatever it is, allow yourself to do it. Give yourself a few minutes, even if you’re in the middle of running errands, writing that memo, or paying your bills. Stop. Just do one pleasurable thing.

It makes us happy to see things around us. Go to the mall, hang out with your friends or play games on your computer. Give youself a break and take it easy onit that will make you happy. Less pressure, less stress and more friends makes me happy and most importantly being with my family and love ones is the best source of my happiness.

2. Burn one of your favorite candles or buy one. Sit and watch the flame. Think about getting in touch with yourself and your needs. Listen to your inner voice without seeking the right answers. Be still.

Candles make me feel calm and relax. Once in a while we have to take a short pause of our life and take a deep breath to meditate. Thinks of the things that make you relax and that can make you happy.

3. Stop being a news junkie. Quit perusing the web for the latest carjack, murder, health care initiative, or traffic report. Just cut the cord for a day. One day.

I happen to have a healthy body and young to get serious with the diet and stuff that other people are doing right now. So, I do not need to punish my self for enjoying my guilty pleassure. One thing I am focusing right now is how to get a job, and I would be very happy if I find one soon.

4. Start a daily appreciation or gratitude journal. Think of everyone in your life you’re grateful for, why, and how they’ve changed your life. Add to this list daily.

That is why I decided to indulge in online journalling so I can have an outlet to express my thought at the same time learn more in life. I can appreciate my life better when I read that not only me having troubles in life. Life is life, with out problems it isn’t life anymore.

5. Repeat this to yourself any time during the day you have a negative thought, “Everything is as it should be. I am OK.”

This happiness tips is shared by Suzanne and I added some of my personal hints that made me happy for the last 23 years of life.

Do you have any happiness hints of your own? Have you tried any of these suggestions? Share them with us.

5 Easy Ways to Be Happy
It’s all up to you!
by Suzanne Baran


Funny Monkey "Tarsier"

Philippines has tons of beautiful places and scenic beauty that our tourism has been trying to promote. The country has abundant natural resources to enjoy with but too bad people living here have no enough money to develop it. So, some foreign people come and visit our place and married some filipina and put up a business. Thee have money to but a piece of lot in the beach or mountain or where ever and developed it. They make money out of our resources. Anyway, we also have numbers of endangered spieces and one of them is the Tarsier. You can find most of this little fella in the island of Bohol.

Tarsiers are haplorrhine primates of the genus Tarsius, a genus in the family Tarsiidae, which is itself the lone extant family within the infraorder Tarsiiformes. Although the group was once more widespread, all the species living today are found in the islands of Southeast Asia.

The Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), known locally as the Maumag in Cebuano/Visayan, is an endangered tarsier species endemic to the Philippines. It is found in the southeastern part of the archipelago, particularly in the islands of Bohol, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. Its name is derived from its elongated “tarsus” or ankle bone.

Its geographic range also includes Maripipi Island, Siargao Island, Basilan Island and Dinagat Island. Tarsiers have also been reported in Sarangani, although they may be different subspecies. Being a member of a family that is about 45 million years old, it was only introduced to western biologists in the 18th century.


Soul Contracts 101

Soul contracts might sound like an ethereal concept, but it simply refers to the contracts our soul makes — to the universe and to other souls — prior to entering our bodies before birth. These contracts are the desired experiences we choose to live through during this life cycle, or lifetime. We agree to have distinct human experiences and to meet certain people in order to learn important life lessons. Soul contracts are considered similar to the idea of karma (more on this later) — the distinction being that on some higher level of consciousness, we are aware of these soul contracts as we are creating them.

If we agree that the soul exists before birth, and that the soul journeys through various lifetimes (also referred to as reincarnation), then it stands to reason that the higher-conscious self could make commitments before entering its next lifetime. It is generally believed, though, that after birth the memory of these contracts fades, leaving most of us to carry out these agreements in more subconscious ways, trusting that the universe will guide us.

We Need Others
Whatever our soul’s missions in life, we need others to help accomplish it. By developing these soul agreements with other individual souls, we plan to meet them at a certain point in our lives, which is best for whatever ‘work’ we need to do together to accomplish our mutual spiritual goals. According to this belief, we can make agreements with hundreds, even thousands of individual souls, who will aid in our spiritual evolution.

In making these soul agreements, we are using a higher, multi-dimensional consciousness, which we all posses, and which is regarded as superior to our normal human consciousness. This means, no matter what our age or conscious spiritual maturity, we can always be in contact with our ‘higher selves.’ More specifically, before conception, we would be in communication with our parents — our souls would contact their higher consciousness to make the agreement with them to parent us in the upcoming lifetime.

The essence of this belief holds that our souls choose beforehand what type of environment, amid the myriad possibilities, to be born into. These encompass everything from protective and cherished environments, to those that are abusive and traumatic.

Why would someone bring a painful experience into their lives — especially when they are too young to protect themselves?

If you make an agreement with a parent who displays abusive qualities, there’s something you learn from their behavior. Your soul needs to understand trauma and pain on a very distinct and intense level in order to heal others. It’s about setting a karmic balance in motion — perhaps you were the abuser in another lifetime. This way, you truly learn to purge those qualities and heal yourself from their effects.

How Karma Comes Into Play
Another factor involved in soul contracts is karma. Karma can be explained as the concept of retributive justice determining an individual’s condition of life, and the state of his or her reincarnations as the outcome of his past deeds. Accordingly, we vibrate the energy of our past lives and actions towards the next vehicle, or body, that we deserve. Our previous actions, positive and negative, resonate a precise energy vibration, which like a magnet, attracts a specific body and circumstance to be born into. Congruently, our souls attach to the particular environment that we are most adept to deal with.

If we wish to fulfill our soul’s mission in this lifetime, it is imperative that we hold to our soul contracts, especially the ones of critical importance. We can accomplish this by listening intently to our higher selves, experiencing along the way, treasured encounters with fellow travelers. Whether for a day or a decade, they voyage with us, joining us on our journey towards fulfillment and enlightenment.

Soul Contracts 101
Breakdown for beginners
by Alina Mikos