ABC’s of Love

Since it’s Hearts Day I would like to share this post which I got from my sister’s blog. I think lots of lovers will get interested with the “all about LOVE posting here… Happy Valentines you guys, Spend the Hearts Day wisely…wink:-).

ABC’s Of Love
A=ALWAYS being there for one eachother.
B=BEAUTIFUL words and feelings.
C=CRYING for love, happiness, not to lose eachother.
D=DAY DREAMING of eachother all the time.
E=EVERLASTING love is be our answer.
F=FOREVER is our future.
G=GENTLE touch, gentile words.
H=HOLDING someone as special as you.
I=INTIMATE feelings we have for eachother.
J=JOY is our happiness of being together.
K=KIND and loving is our emotions.
L=LOYAL we are to eachother.
M=MARRIED is how we want to be.
N=Our love is so NATURAL, so pure, so true.
O=Our love can OVERCOME anything.
P=PRINCESS that’s what I am to you.
Q=I sometimes QUESTION myself is this true or only a dream because its to good to be true.
R=We’re like ROMEO and juliet.
S=SWEETHEART that’s what you are to me.
T=We TRUST eachother in every way.
U=UNTIL I met you I was nothing.
V=I VALUE your presence each and every day.
W=WONDERFUL feelings we have for eachother.
X=X-TREAMLY in love.
Y=There is no love deeper than the love I feel for YOU.
Z=Nothing for Z but for you to ZEE (see) how much I really love you.



Fixation- Psychology; A strong attachment to a person or thing, especially such an attachment formed in childhood or infancy and manifested in immature or neurotic behavior that persists throughout life. Hard to embrace the present and future if you are fixated from the past. Thinking too much about it may sometimes come out to our dreams. I read this article below from a site that give advices to people in relationship, life and others. We all have gifts but there are certain people who are blessed with inner gifts, or third eye and they call themselves Psychics. They advices will help people find explanations of certain things. The article below sometimes might have had happen to some of us or not. Perhaps this will explain some of your dreams that related to this letter.



At a crossroads

Do you feel like you’ve lost your focus ? That’s what the lost schedule brings to mind. You indicated that you’re in your late 20s, a time when we often feel pressured to start making our mark on the world. As such, the dreams may be a wake-up call to set some stronger goals, or perhaps to rethink the goals you already have, so they align with your life’s purpose. Is your work challenging and fulfilling? Are you growing professionally, or are you stagnating at a job that’s too comfortable? Or perhaps you need a complete change of direction?

Going back to high school and trying to find your class may indicate you feel unprepared for the next step in your life. Whether it’s your career, love life, or something else, you may be stuck in the past and need to move forward in certain areas of your life. Do some soul-searching to see where you need to grow , both personally and professionally.

Sweet dreams,

from Cortney of California Psychic


Successful Interview

I am on the job hunting for quite sometime now. I just finished my contract from one establishment in our area and now I have been looking for a new job. I’ts really tough finding good job with a struggling economy. No matter how I tried it’s still don’t have the assurance of getting hire. One hundred applicants vying for one position, how is that? Anyhow, I read online at about this article “Dress for Interview Success”. Yes this is really true. Good grooming really is an advantage when looking for job especially during interview. One tiny detail can have a big impact when it comes to getting the job. And what you wear has a lot to do with it. I have also read few articles of this kind of topic. Source;by ForbesWoman.

Although job-related skills and experience rank high in importance in whether or not you land the position, during the initial hiring process they have less power than most of us think. That’s because the first thing we notice about someone is their appearance, and more specifically, the way they are dressed.

According to a study by Frank Bernieri, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University within the first 10 seconds of meeting your interviewer–otherwise known as the meet-and-greet–that person has decided whether or not you’re right for the job. Those who come across as polished and pulled together are quite simply more likely to be hired than those who are seen as putting in less effort.

You might want to check out this link In Pictures: How To Dress For A Job Interview especially if you are having job interview soon.

According to Bernieri, dressing the wrong way is equivalent to the worst social faux pas: “like picking your nose during an interview.” And with last month’s unemployment rate for women age 20 and older at 7.9%–the latest data available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics–the competition alone should provide impetus to ace your interview.

Check this out; Dressing 101

When it comes to dressing for an interview, the consensus is that conservative is best. “Dressing conservatively means you care on a couple of different dimensions,” notes Bernieri. “One, you’re making an effort; two, you’re making an effort not to offend; three you’re polite and respectful.”

The most common mistake among candidates is not paying attention to the details, says Kim Zoller, founder and president of Image Dynamics, which advises companies like Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton on image and communication skills. Ill-fitting or too-tight clothes and casual ensembles make you look lazy or sloppy. “If you’re not dressed well, you can say all the right things … but you won’t get the job when you’re being compared with a lot of other capable people who are dressed better,” explains Zoller.

Zoller, who used to work at a staffing agency, started her business because “I saw women coming in to this agency, and they had great résumés, but they weren’t getting jobs because they didn’t know how to dress.”

In Pictures: How To Dress For A Job Interview


Funny video

FUNNIEST KITTIES Cat Betrayed His Crazy Girlfriend

When I first saw this video at Melody’s blog it really crack me out. Take a look at the video and for sure it will give you a good laugh. The dialogue are so pur-fect with their meowing lol. This is how cat sounds like when they like the female cat. LMAO


Fabulous Sissy

My equally beautiful and fabulous sisters who also quite successful with their chosen life and career just like my Gorgeous Bro. So, let me start with the older sissy sibling Sheila “Titing”. She is now married with Joe an american guy and moved there last 2007. After 30 years of being single she finally got hitched. She have two adorable babies which we hope to see and meet someday.

My ever Fabulous, feeling pretty sissy Rachael “Jijie”. Well, she is indeed pretty no question ask. Like my father used to say when Jijie was born “his mestiza daughter”. She was married to an American Man also but just recently decided to come home and stay here for a while. She always have beautiful life that, traveling, party, getaway, shopping and more are the things she love to do.

The prettiest sissy of us all Louella “Weng”. She is my bff when both my sissy went to the US. I hope soon she will get hitch as she is getting older already. She is a sweet sister, very responsible and sensitive.

There you go, you meet my siblings already. Hope you keep coming back in my pastime and read more updates about us. Have a good day!