Just for Babies

I really have a good time spending time with my brother’s son when I was in gensan last week, well aside from myself my parents also can’t get enough of the little guy so if they have time they will visit my brother and play with their cute and handsome grandson. We went to robinson’s mall and the little guy enjoy the train and horse ride in the mall. Then, I bring him to the stuff toys store and he just keeps smelling and giggling looking at the toys in front of him. He really is adorable and cute when he made that giggling sound and tries to pick one of the stuff toys and trow it away. He’s already eight months old and very much healthy and heavy if you hold him for hours. Then, we went to the petshop and he keeps on moving in my arms so I just put him in his stroller.

Thank God for the stroller, it is really helpful if you bring stroller with you when going to the mall with your babies. So, for those who love to go the mall, but can’t or have a difficult time going there because of your babies. Why not go online and search JustStrollers.com baby strollers for your cute and adorable babies so they can explore and you can enjoy going to the mall with friends or family without worrying where to put your babies when your tire or if you want to feed them. It’s comfortable than just hold them while window shopping right?


Sweety’s Cute Puppies

I visited my parents in gensan last week and I just got home last night but I m too tire and sleepy to post this cutie puppies of our dog sweety actually my sister shahz dog. I like and adore this puppies but no matter how much I love to bring one home my parents won’t allowed me because they said I already have enough pets to feed and take care. In a way my parents are correct so I just took photos of them and publish it in my FB so that my sis will see this cute puppies before giving them to my relatives in Cebu.

I give them bath so that is why they look like this.. hehehe soo cute.!

I named this cute brown one who made cute action bruno.

the whole bunch, all seven (7) of them in my room after bath.


Need Cash Now!

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I need cash and I want it now! But unfortunately, I still have to wait couple more years before we can take a loan again. My mother just took a loan in this cooperative that she’s a member with for very long time. She loan a big amount of money for her nephew’s placement abroad. Until now she’s still paying for it. My boyfriend and I have planned to start a business but we need capital for it. He has an okay work that pays minimum wage but not enough to start a business. We are considering of taking a loan somewhere else like online perhaps but we are scared we can’t pay it right away. The last thing we need to have right now is debt. I don’t have regular job and my income online is not that big and barely can pay our bills. Besides the fear, it’s gonna be my first time applying for loan. So, good luck to me.


Yummy Grilled Pork Meat

This is one of the best thing if you have a friend who knows how to cook because they can always cook for you if your feel tired and don’t want to cook dinner or lunch. My friend one of his best talent is cooking yummy foods and this is just a sample of those dish he like to prepare when he feels like cooking. I wanted to learn how to cook this kind of dish but most of the time my tiredness is hard to overcome, hehehe but I did hep him grilled this. I just watch him do the seasoning and stuff about making this pork meat delicious and ready to eat but I already ask him about the recipe for future use. “Bon Appétit!”


Sissy’s Cooking : Eskabetse

Eskabetse is a Philippine dish – fried fish with sweet and sour sauce and yesterday was our barangay’s fiesta, Sr. San Pedro the fisherman and because my parents are no longer stays here so no big food preparations for visitors and no visitors definitely but I decided since my father is here, might as well cook a few food for the both of us. Here is my sweet and sour fish or Eskabetse, i don’t know the name of this fish but it surely taste delicious.

Just a little experiment and tadannn, a delicious and nice meal for the father and daughter.