Pet Society: Sassy’s Second Batch Kittens

This is the second batch of sassy’s kittens hehehe. This cat don’t know how to do family planning because after a few days of giving birth to her first two kitten she let herself get pregnant again. The duration of her pregnancy she seldom stays at the house, I don’t know where she stays that time but when the time when she already due she come back and find a place in our house where she could put her little kittens and this is her new babies right now..

I was surprise to see the black kitten, Gosh! sassy is really popular.

It is kind of scary when this little black kitten stares at me when I took their photos but what the heck this are still kittens right!

I took a solo photo of the black one because I was still amaze and surprise. Imagine a black kitten, I heard about black cat is a badluck. Hmmm what do you think?

I was sad when I saw the bones of our little white kitten (one of sassy’s first batch kittens) in the back of our house. I was hoping she just run away or lost somewhere in our neighbors house but she is already dead and those bones are the proof.


Wednesday Whites: My Brother and the Daughter Bonding Moment

My bother bonding moment with the daughter with the same white color shirt and the Exit sigh is also white except for the slide my niece was sliding hehehe. Maybe the father and daughter love to wear whites, LOL Cuteness! My entry for Wednesday whites


All About The Website

What I like about having internet connection is that you can make your research easier and faster because all the needed data and information are easily presented to you in a jiffy. When you have internet connection you can browse websites that give relevant and useful information about the things you’re looking for. Even businesses and those who are interested in writing reviews about certain products like bloggers have their own website for that hobby. Having your own website gives you an advantage because you can put and post your business or your opinion about the world and if your thinking on how to create a website that you want is simple. First, your need to know the basic and the most important about having websites, and that is thinking for a domain name.

Domain name is the home of your website and often ends in extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and more but .com is the most popular one of them. After choosing what domain name you like, registering your domain name is a must because that is your ticket to the website that you plan, but you need also to look for a web hosting for it, where you create and publish your pages, create a blog, create email addresses, add functionality and maintain your site. To reserve a domain name is easy and very cost friendly, but looking for companies to where you registered you domain name is a bit hard because you have to pay yearly for it. Well, it doesn’t matter where you register your domain, anyway, almost every registrar provides the same services, but it is much more wiser if you know and trust the company you want your domain to register because you can easily contact them if something happened to your website and theirs a big possibility that you can ask for discount and all.


Pet Odor Neutralizer, Eliminating My Pets Odor in Air, Floor & Fabric

Prince is not our first dog pet in the house but he is the first to stay inside the house, sleep in beds and other parts of the house. As expected when you have pets inside the house, they poop and urinate inside inside the house. Train them to do like other trained dog do is hard especially when you love to cuddle them than trained them. So, cleaning is really necessary from time to time because you don’t want your house to sticks or smell like poop and dog urine. Unfortunately, I’m not an everyday cleaning typpe of woman, I wanted to become one but it’s too hard especially when you use to sleep and rest long than work or clean more. Searching for solution to make my house a free odor from pets poop and urine is my most priority hehehe. I tried buying the air freshener but still no use after few minutes of spraying the house the smell of pets odor will linger, use hard chemical in cleaning like zonrox but it’s still the same. So, earlier today while buying dogfood for them, I look for chemical that will eliminate my pets odor then found one. I just want to try if its really effective and if it is It would really help me a lot in our house stinky smell.

Here it is: Neutralize pets odor, a 3 in 1 formula that eliminates odor in the air and on the fabrics and carpets. Provide long lasting, clean. fresh scent. Hmmmm, so far good result.

Then, I force my BF pets to pose beside it and thankfully I have fast hand clicking the camera because the photo is cute in my opinion heheh.

Hopefully, this will work according to the sale person who I happen to ask about the product because oue house need it badly…. ;-)


An Interesting Post, According to me

Joining memes from other blog helps me lot in my blogging career, ahmm! hehehe. Aside from introducing my blogs to the new bloggers and veterans bloggers (great or small) ;-) I got the chance to enhance my neutral writing skills. Developing a little friendship that I know in the future will grow as we continue to write interesting stuff about all aspect in life. A chance to encounter bloggers from other country, bloggers from different nationality and their way of writing or creating meme’s that are interesting and refreshing. The kind of meme’s that you find fascinating and cute. Meme’s you can relate too and one way also of knowing other bloggers likes and dislike but most especially making other blogger visit and appreciate your writing skills.

I’ve been joining meme for a long period of time now but my usual problem in my laziness hehehe, ;-( . I participate but the fact is I’m always late in linking it and most especially always late in visiting my fellow participants. I know I’m a lazy person my mother always say that to me and I, most of the time say it also to myself (creepy right? LOL) but don’t be disappointed meme owners and fellow meme lover because I’m just behind in visiting the other but I will definitely visit all, (naks! drama) :-) . “It’s better to be very late than never” that is my motto for the past weeks hehehe. My sincere apology for the late visit and most of the time late entry. I will be doing visit and comment marathon from time to time, so I can also get some new ideas what to write, enlighten-mind of my writing skills and the likes.

Meme’s of Meme:

A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Meme ( /ˈmiːm/; meem) is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures but in blogging, memes had became a way of making their blogs know to others, talk in forums and it gives you insight into other bloggers personalities and histories that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access but mostly meme’s is the best way also for building links. Bloggers will make a meme and link back to you and pass around on other blogs and in that way, you can have many followers if you are active in visiting all the participants n that certain meme.