Home Improvement and Decor

Making your house a comfortable home is hard to accomplish, you have to consider a lot of things and a lot of fixing just like my dilemma recently until now. I live alone and I have three dogs and two cats who are very active in messing around the house. Cleaning and watching them always is what I mostly do because they might ruin or break things inside the house. The house is always messy and most of the stuff they already ravish like the bed covers, pillow and others. So, most of the time I don’t want friends and neighbors entering our house because I’m embarrassed if they notice that our house decor are not that presentable, but the problem is the fiesta in our town will be next week and not accepting visitors are not an option because my parents will be coming to visit me and their friends.

I’m worrying now where to find decors and I still need to buy fabric to replace the old ones my pets destroyed. Asking my mother and sisters about home improvement advice and fabric stuff is helpful especially if your have internet connection. Searching for contemporary fabric at FabricOnTheNet.net are easy and convenient for me because I don’t need to go store to store to look for the perfect replacement to make our house more presentable and homey to live.


My New and Improve Cleaning Mop, Cleansweep

Yesterday, I went to kitkai to buy new mop because the old one is already old and really old, heheehe. I need mop for cleaning the house because it’s easy and convenient for me. Before, I only clean the house when I’m in good mood but now that I have 3 messy dogs and one very hyper cat, I really need to clean it everyday. I hate scrubbing the floor it make my back hurts like no other, hehehe.

Super heavy Duty mop for a super heavy poop and pee cleaning needs. Well, it say here a mop that cleans and absorbs like no other, hmmmm will see about that later and its thick and thirsty heavy duty. The good part is the mophead are refillable and it has steel handle.


Friday Fill Ins.

And…here we go!

1. Finally, I already finish cleaning outside, now, I have to condition myself for the inside cleaning.
2. Cleaning the house sure takes some getting used to!
3. Dad says: Don’t enter into relationship when you’re still studying because if you Do say goodbye to schooling.
4. Ella is my favorite nick name for for myself but people won’t call me by that nick name, why? .
5. It took a long time, but still I’m waiting.. nyahahaha.
6. Hmmmm though I wouldn’t have it any other way.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to go to divisoria to eat dinner, tomorrow my plans include finish cleaning the whole house because my father will arrive on Sunday, ;-( and Sunday, I want to rest and sleep and rest ;-)!


2010 CDO Fiesta, TM Astig Local Endorser Visit

Me and sister chel with Angelica Panganiban at the back wearing sexy clothes. nyahahaha

Cesar Montano with Angelica Panganiban, I was embarrassed that time when Cesar M. come out, I just shouted like a die-hard fan then I remember that I don’t even like him that much. LOL!

Angelica P. close up photo. This was our first time by the way to go out and watch local artist in our City. ;-)

My first entry for Red Hot Thursday , just click the link to visit and join the red hot fun…


Juicy Couture Boots : Sister’s Passion for Fashion

My sister chel love to shop and try the latest fashion trend and when she don’t want them anymore she will give it to us just like when we we’re young chicks, LOL, dresses, shoes and other stuff. Aside shopping in the mall she love to shop online too. One of her FAV lately are boots.

My sis Chel and the Boots from Juicy Couture, Lovely!

Wearing the Juicy Couture boots in public and she think she gorgeous on it.. Hmmm why not but I like the car better. hehehe