Pets on the Moved

This three pets are really cute and sweet, but most of the time when they see you bring foods or eat their being cute and sweet are nowhere to be found. They will jump at you and will never listen especially this two puppy the rottweiler and the small one. Our prince will listen if you really told him not too. And for few days now I’ve been having hard time trying to train this two puppy. I search online on how to deal with this kind of dog especially the rottweiler, but still no use because he won’t listen to me. And now, I have to buy new dog food for them because the four kilos I bought on Friday are all gone. I also need to go to vet for their vaccination and all.

Following the food he bring as if they have their share. heheheeh

I know this are not cats but most of the time they act like cats. Curiosity! curiosity!


For the Love of Equestrian Sports

Equestrian I think is the hobby for rich people because aside from buying your own horse for that game/sports you need to own or maybe rent the gear or attire intended for it. Riding boots, riding breeches, equestrian helmets, show clothes, horse blankets, saddles are just the few things we need if we wanted to be active in that game/sports. But maybe there are stores that caters low price attire for equestrian rider or who wanted to be an equestrian right? Ones need to be highly skilled in riding horses and have knowledge about the Technic, disciplined on how to be a good equestrian like Mikee Cojuangco who won gold medal on 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea for equestrian competition for Individual show jumping.


# 23/366 BPC : My Experimental Dish

Cook it last night because I don’t have money left to buy food outside. And i don’t want our vegetable be wasted because i din’t cook them since new year, hehehehe. I called this ground pork with chayote and carrots good for the eyes ngek!. It’s easy, fast and less ingredients, no hassle buying it outside. I search what is the English of chayote and this is the result.
>> The chayote (Sechium edule), also known as christophene or christophine, cho-cho, mirliton or merleton (Creole/Cajun), pear squash, vegetable pear, chouchoute, choko, is an edible plant belonging to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, along with melons, cucumbers and squash. It has a lot of names to you just choose which one is nice. hehehe

P.S: excuse the almost rotten chayote i include it just to have effect but i guess i was wrong. Already eat the viand so I just stick to this photo.

Linking it to 366 Blog Photo Challenge. Thanks mami dhems for hosting this meme.


Video Conferencing

I love to watch movies especially comedy and romance, but sometimes I watch suspense and other types of movies. Like the one I saw just recently about a mom trying her best to be a good mother and wife and at the same time be the best of her career, which is hard to accomplish. I think it was Sarah Jessica Parker the mom tried to be a supermom. So many funny scene in that movie, the one I really laugh very hard is when she had video conferencing with her other boss. She didn’t realize that the video is already on and she keeps on tagging and pulling her business suit that she doesn’t notice the person on the other side amuse of what she’s doing. Technology today are very updated before we just use cellphones now even if we are very far we can still talk to the person that we wanted to talk to regarding business. That even if we want to have vacation on works we can still be updated I our business and all. Conduct interviews or other business matters.


Fresh Wound from Motorcycle Accident

I took this shot the moment he arrived and showed me his fresh wound from the motorcycle accident he encounter going home that night. I was very shock and surprise because it’s not like him to meet accident often and he’s a big guy too but here it is. ewww, while looking at his wound I cant imagine the pain if I’m in his situation. So, for those who have motorcycle be careful when driving and those who love to back-ride too.