Additional Broken Things to Fix

Just now, I learned that our water tank has a leak also, I thought when my mother said that there’s a problem in our water tank only minor and can easily be fixed, but to my surprise when I turn on the tank switch, the bottom of the tank had a big hole on it and we can’t go to a hardware store to buy some sticky thing to prevent the water from leaking until we can think of a better solution to it because it’s already 10pm, all the store are closed. We have to store water again, it is true when they said that when it rains it poured, but not in the good way. What a life!.


Friday Fill.Ins

And…here we go!

1. Do they have pretty face and attitude?.

2. My BF’s female friend told my BF that I’m not prettyy; it was as if I care about their opinion,duh!.

3. That was a below the belt comment.

4. Starring at my BF’s “F” friends that time, it seemed so comfortable.LOL

5. As I said, I don’t pretty much care about what they think of me, they’re not not nice.

6. If they think saying those not nice word lead to some new twist. hah! think again girly!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep early, I took a nape earlier so I’m not sure if I can sleep early though, tomorrow my plans include I’m still thinking, I don’t have a plan for tomorrow and Sunday, I want to execute the last two Sunday’s failed doing, attend the mass.yay! !

Happy weekends again everyone..


Nana; Prince 3 days Fling

Nana and Prince in their last day together.

This photo was taken just this morning and the last day of prince meeting his mate NANA; a Dachshund dog. For months, I’m looking for a suitable dog for our prince to be his mate because our female dog sweetie won’t allow prince to get too close to her, so I look and ask friends of mine if they have a female dog cause our prince is almost 2years old and very much active male dog.



When nana and prince meet, they didn’t click right away but after a few minutes of circling around, growling at each other and chasing each other, they became friends but not that close but close non the less.

Very sweet in this pic, only the two of them knows what happen for the last minutes of their being together because I leave prince in the owner’s house because she has to drop her kids to the school first.

Before we leave, they chase each other for the last time, and maybe the last time they’re together because prince is getting heavier every months and I’m just not that strong to carry him for 45 mints ride from the City to Bugo trinitas back and fort.


Prince Failed 2nd Day with Nana

Yesterday I wasn’t able to go to Bugo to meet nana and prince for the 2nd time because I was having a dysmenohrrea and lots of unexpected pain. So prince just stayed home and going back and fort to my bed to wake me up because I promise him that he will meet nana again that day. So he just stayed under my bed and wait for me to wake up and I was not really feeling will that time so my father take him for a walk and was happy for a while but after the walk he’s back to his recent gloomy mood again, just lying in the floor like a rug and wait for me. And when I woke up I just feed myself and him and went to sleep again.


A Dachshund Dog, Prince 1st Fling

The Dachshund originated in Germany as a hunting dog. Though the breed’s origins can be traced as far back as the 15th century, the breed development really began in 17th century Germany. Called Dachshunds, or “badger-dogs,” these short hounds did just that – hunted badgers. Further development of the breed created two sizes. The standard size continued to hunt badgers as well as wild boar, while the miniatures pursued hare and foxes.

Dachshunds were brought to the USA as early as 1885, but especially increased in popularity in the 1930s and 40s. They remain extremely popular dogs to this day. Their size usually; Standard:16-32 pounds, Miniature: under 11 pounds, Dachshunds come in a wide variety of solid colors or combination of colors including (but not limited to) Black, Tan, Fawn, Beige, Blue, Chocolate and Red. The Dachshund is an energetic, lovable breed with a big personality. Known affectionately as the Doxie, Weiner, hotdog, or sausage dog, this breed of short stature leaves a lasting impression. The Dachshund is bred as standard or miniature size, but traits of this breed are similar for both sizes. While loved for its bold personality, the Dachshund may have a tendency to be stubborn, protective, and defensive, Proper obedience training can turn these potential problems into beneficial qualities. Grooming needs of the Dachshund depend upon hair coat. The longhaired variety requires daily brushing, but does not typically need professional grooming. Smooth Dachshunds have a higher shedding rate. All varieties should receive regular baths and nails trims.

To avoid obesity, your Dachshund should get regular exercise. Daily walks are recommended, but proper nutrition is also key. Be sure to avoid over-feeding. Routine veterinary care also plays an important role. The Dachshund can be a loving companion, lapdog, and even family dog. Despite its size, it can also make an excellent guard dog.

And this is our prince.