Symtoms of DOG Illness

I just saw this in my pets health card, it was written at the back and It is a good idea that we are aware of the following signs of illness for those who are pet lovers like me. Other unusual symptoms or exhibits of our dogs that we have to be aware of that need care of our vet.

>> Lost of appetite for more than one day. I experience this with my dog prince but the vet said if your dog has tasted human food or leftovers, your pet will have difficulty eating their dogfood. She advice me to let my dog starve, eventually they will eat their dogfood.
>> Diarrhea, constipation, or difficulty in urination. Take your puppy to the vet immediately if he is unable to urinate or defecate but continues to try or if there is blood in urine or stool. Thank God never happened in my dog, praying that will never happen ever.
>> Vomiting. Take your puppy to the vet if right away if vomited materials contains blood or other unusual contents.
>> Fever. Fever is indicated by a dry, hot nose, dull eyes, and a noticeable rise in body heat.
>> Excessive panting or difficulty in breathing. Immediate care is required if there is noisy respiration, blue tongue, or gasping for breath.
>> Biting or other aggressive or unusual behavior by a normally even tempered puppy.
>> Head Shaking. May indicate an accumulation of ear wax, an infection or foreign body in the ear.
>> Limping. Be especially suspicious of sudden lameness without apparent cause.
>> Constant scratching or biting may required immediate care if so severe that the puppy risks self-mutilation. Scary!
>> Coughing and sneezing.
>> Listlessness or hiding.
>> Bad mouth odor.
>> Lump beneath the skin.
>> Dull hair coat.

So far, I encounter only few of that symptoms but it turn out okay. If your puppy have some of that symptoms better be aware. It’s hard to blame your self in the end.


Batch Reunion

Last year, my schoolmates and batch mates in high school contacted me because they were planning to have a reunion of our batch 1998 and she want me helped her gathered some information about the whereabouts of our other high school schoolmates and classmates. We wanted to get photos of each person to put in our banner so that everyone will see who will be attending. She planned it for almost 4 months, looking for venue, food to bring, transportation for those who have kids, budgeted money for the reunion and equipment to put the banner on like the retractable banner stands. So far, the event went successfully despite of the fact that not all of our batch mate were able to attend the said reunion. At least almost half of the batch were there and few of our Teachers and classrooms adviser. We have group in Facebook of our batch. We communicate one another to collect money for the upcoming reunion this year. I hope I will be able to attend this year’s reunion.


Better late than Never

It is depressing and sad that until now I still don’t know how to ride a bike. Before, when I spent my vacation at my cousin’s place in San Carlos, she tried to teach me how to ride a bike. But to my disappointment and lack of coordination didn’t get the chance to learn how to ride a bike by myself.

Out of us seven siblings (3 boys and 4 girls) it my sister Sheila who have the guts to learned how to ride a bike. All my brothers knows how to ride a bike and in fact they can drive a car too. My sister is currently living in the US with her husband and two kids. I saw pictures of their family with the bikes. I think they just bought a bike rack last year that was similar to yakima bike rack at I envy those people who know how to ride a bike. I hope in the future I will be given the chance learn how to ride a bike and make it my daily exercise.


Need New Cellphone

Do you know how to repair a cellphone that is going loko? because if you ask me!, I have the same problem that you have. My brother give me my touch screen cellphone when he come back from working abroad, as a seaman, actually I just took it from him, when we ransack his luggage. My sister was jealous when she saw me holding it and insisted that she should have it, she said; she’s younger and her cellphone was old, but instead, I give her my own phone so i could keep the one I took. And now I’m having problem with that phone, at first, the battery floated, so I went to the mall and look for a shop that sells affordable
cell batteries, at last problem solve. Then after a week another problem occurs but this time I don’t know if my phone will be fixed. Looking for a cheaper parts and services is very hard, especially now that I’m still looking for a job.

For the time being, I’m borrowing my father’s cellphone, if I have some important person to text or call, while saving a lot of money for new phone or just enough to get my old cellphone fixed.


My Sister’s Gift

Last year when my sister and her husband visited the Philippines. My parents was pleased that they still have time to come by in our house even with their busy schedule looking for nice place, they’re planning to bought a house here, so they don’t have to stay in a hotel every time they will decide to come in the Philippines for vacation. I was excited and trilled to when she brings the whole family presents, and I was really happy when she give me her new purchase diamond ring, because I was nagging her when she give my younger sister a necklace.

I was hoping, my boyfriend will be the first person to give me a diamond ring, but I guess I have to wait a for him to have a high paying job so he can afford to buy one for me.