Friday Fill.Ins

And…here we go!

1. One of my favorite birthday presents was a yellow rose from a special someone.

2. Mom the electric bill for this month is …I don’t have money anymore weng, it was as simple as that.

3. The moon is roundLOL.

4. Living includes stress.

5. I was tempted by whom?.

6. Swimming on a beach,wearing two piece swimwear,and have fun are some of the things I like to do on vacation.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to write my Friday Fill.Ins, tomorrow my plans include write My Friday Fill.Ins because I miss Filling it on Friday night due to a internet connection problem and Sunday, I want to attend the mass because last Sunday was raining and missed it. !

Enjoy your weekends!! mhuah…


Looking Back Moments

Reminiscing again our old place Camp 14, I really missed the pace and our neighbors before, my high school and elementary schoolmates,friends, and old crushes which by the way some of them I found in FB and sometime we chat and talk about our life before, how our life before as a student and actually most of my FB friends was not exactly my close friends before but just the fact that we came from the same place and schools we became good friends now. We share and reminisce what happen to us in the past 12yrs, we discover who has a crush with whom and funny stuff we did that no one knows until now. And I envy some of them at the some time happy because they had the chance to go places and most of them had a life that they wanted, a house and a happy family, children etc, and some of us are still singles but they living the life they wanted and enjoy. Just like last year we organize a reunion, some of our teachers are there to celebrate and get together with their old favorite students, my unforgettable adviser is their also whom I can’t help but smile every time I remember her because I once scolded by her for the childish act I’ve done to her 3yrs old daughter ( can’t really remember what age is J that time) I called her daughter Pangit (ugly) I love kids that’s way when her daughter refuses to come with me to go to her my mother (my adviser) and she hit me in my face I got angry so I repeatedly called her J pangit many times, I such a bad person :no: .
But what I miss more is our old Camp 14, our church, our first house, CR and more.

The Camp site and some of the structure is new but most of it is been there before.

The lady of Fatima church, it change a lot. before they plant lots of flowers.

Most places called this Park but we called it plasa, we use to play volleyball here or just run around like a crazy person. LOl

and this is our CR, some of the employee here have this kind os CR if your in a lower rank, but after many years we transfer to a house that have a CR inside the house.

The house were we grew. It has a butterfly there in front before but I don’t know what happen to t, maybe they cut it.

The Pineapple plantation, you can’t see it clearly because it was raining that time and the road is very bumpy, we always stole pineapple.

And our old friends and old neighbor that still lives in this place. Only few of them remains.


Unpredictable and Vain

Most of us women are very vain in picking the things to our self. We always want the best with quality brand in our clothes, shoes, bags and more. Girls have lots of needs and wants when it comes to materials and enhancing the personal appearance such as hair colors, nail polish and most especially our lingerie. It is very important to us to be comfortable in what we wear particularly in going out or to work. We want to look the best in our clients or customers. When I was working as a Sales Clerk in a mall I was very choosy in buying the kind of stocking I wore because some of the brand are easily damage or the garter loosen up easily. I often buy new sets of stockings and it is not very helpful for a minimum earner like me. The stores in our place do not have that much stocks on their display. They don’t even have fishnet bodystockings that give you the comfort all day. This is the type of stocking won’t easily give up on you and look tight and durable. The garter won’t wear out and loose so easily.


Personalize Wedding Gifts

Planning a wedding on June may sound over rated already but we still see couple wanted to get wed in June and perhaps be called June bride. However, it’s every woman’s dream to walk in the aisle, wear a white wedding gown and be the center of attraction for the day. The above mention are not just the main reason why women wants a wedding. Most women wants a sacred marriage despite of the fact that it will cost a big amount of money for the groom’s pocket for all the wedding preparation. Imagine the stress every couple has to go through in planning a perfect wedding. But mostly it’s the girl who does most of the planning.

Meanwhile, there are other option you can do to achieve the perfect wedding you are dreaming of without experiencing stress. You can hire a wedding planner. But if you want to save money then plan your own wedding with the help of your friends and family. Wedding requires money and time from planning the venues of the receptions, the bridesmaid gowns, motif of the wedding, and the wedding favors. To avoid the dilemma in coming up with the simple yet elegant wedding favors, then consider having a personalized wedding keepsakes. You can check online as there are a few shop or store where you can order for personalize keepsakes that you might love and your visitors will definitely like it too. Best wishes to all the June bride.


Boost Your Signal

Technology is in the rise and everyday new devices or gadget is out in the market. But not all of use have the resources to afford such gadget. The wireless cellular booster is a very useful tool that we can use to boost our signal. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money yet to buy one for myself. I really do need one of this device since our house don’t get much signal everyday.

Nevertheless, I am having trouble also getting a good signal for my laptop. I always get a bad connection in my internet. I am planning of returning this pack because the head ache i get every day is not worth it. This people are so good in convincing you to choose their product and promise to have clear and efficient signal but after you subscribe that’s when the problem arises. I just don’t understand how come our place don’t get enough signal. We live in the city and it is close to the port but we don’t get a full bars of signal around here. It’s very frustrating and a waste of money.