Brother’s Car

This car is owned by the younger brother who works in the Jollibee as manager. Our older brother had helped him paid for it. We really do not know if they bought it in full or an installment. The last time I asked him about the insurance of the car he answered me that he was still looking online for cheap auto insurance quote. He takes care of his car really well. In fact last summer when our older sister from Las Vegas came home, we visited our home town. That was an hour drive with yucky road because it was not paved. My father has motorcycle also and i know it was insured. Do you know that if you have a car in the Philippines, especially if you live in the country people will look at you as well off. Yup, buying a car in this place is not a necessity it was more like partly necessity and partly luxury.


Life as A Secretary

When I was working as a secretary in my cousin’s Automotive company, my responsibility was not only taking notes the minutes of the meeting or answering phone or make appointments for my boss but also other stuff. It was like all around job from making coffee to everything single things that needed to be done in our office. So aside from a secretary, I was also the one who update and make inventory of our office supplies. Having an internet connection was really a big help as we needed our own printer for printing job and buying for office supplies online was the convenient job we did. No need for me to run across the street or any book store to buy what we need in terms of office supply. Although, my job was kind of tiring but I like the adrenalin rush when my boss which was my cousin start giving me loads of paper works. I miss my old job though especially right now that I am totally jobless.


Modernazation is Good

It’s my greatest dream to have my own house someday but as of now, since I am still struggling with my own life I’ll just be dreaming and enjoying myself in browsing and surfing the net for houses and of course the things inside the house which means the Furniture. I am fascinated now of the new trend like modern furniture because its more beautiful and stylish. This will give me an idea of what I am going to buy when i have my own house. Dreaming will you achieve the goal you set for your life. This will give you a push of striving hard to make your dream come true. My brothers have already planned to buy a house somewhere in Cotabato and they’re thinking of having my parent live in there. So, my sister and I will probably live in my parents house. We will see.


Playful Kiddo

This is our niece Juleane. When my niece was here that was two months ago when my brother came home from his job. My brother is a seaman and he comes home every 9 months contract on board. So, anyway we took her one time to Jollibee. Jollibee is one of the famous fast food chin in the country. She kept running around and playing in the playground. When the burger we ordered was being served I told her to wash her hand hand dryers because she was switching from one hand dryer to another. I guess that is how kids react to this kind of technology. They are very curious on everything. That’s what I observed with my niece, very inquisitive and curious. She is very spoiled to us because she is the only baby we have here. I just feel bad that her Mom is so selfish to share or bring her down to Cagayan so she can spend more time with her grandparents and aunts.


On the job hunt

My sister and I have been hunting for job for two years now. We’ve been applying different company and submitting resume online and offline at still no luck. We tried to apply different types of job and submit applications to fast food chain as crew position, factory worker, and including sales jobsof some sort. We also look online and submitted our resume but we just never get lucky at all. I already lost hope when a job fair in our local labor department posted a job opportunity abroad. So, I tested my luck and submitted my resume. After few days I got a call for interview. Right now I am preparing for the paper and waiting for further notice from the agency regarding the processing and everything. Right now, its my older sister who still on a job hunt.