Gift Giving Ideas

Giving gifts is really an effort for me specially towards the men of my life like my Father and Brothers because I cant easily please them. I have no problem with my father because he accepts cash or any gifts of some sort. But finding gifts for my brothers are kind of difficult because I worry if they might not like it or even appreciate. So now I make some research of what they will probably like and made observation of their action towards things that they see. I now know based on my observation what my brother Alex would like to have. He likes car accessories but I can’t afford it. Gift Baskets for Men I think is a good gift idea that I can give to the men of my life. Although not really all the goodies in the basket are great but the sweets is good enough. My father love sweets and he likes to have his snacks stocked in his room. I think this kind of gift is the best for him and I surely put it in mind so that i could give him this kind of gift in his coming Birthday and father’s day.


She is Pissed

The last time I went online I only checked my mail and facebook profile. I also took care of the password and that was it. I log out because i only have half of hours paid in for internet cafe. The next day i used the remaining money to get online for half an hour again and perhaps chat with my sister. But unfortunately my sister wasn’t up yet at that time so I logged out and went home. I thought this blog won’t get assignment yet so I did not bother to checked again. Last night I received a text messaged from some number that is not in my phonebook. The massage said that you sister was waiting for you to get online. That message was came from my sister’s online friend who is also very nice to us. Thanks Maam Kat for texting us, we will visit your blog when we get online. We have limited time today and we are trying to finished all the assignment all at once so it won’t expired. Anyway, we got online and read my sister’s profile which was sounded like she was pissed. Yeah, she was pissed because we neglected our blog. The truth is we dont have money for the cafe. So, we want to make sure when we get online we have some task to do so our money won’t be wasted. When my sister and I opened our Facebook we read a long nag from her. She was indeed pissed. However, we are still glad she was mad and able to asked favor to text us otherwise our assignment would probably expired.


Unique Wedding Favors

Month of June is coming and when you say June! here comes the bride. We all know that when that month of June comes almost all couples are planning on getting married and celebrate the wedding so they will be part of the June bride. Personally, I don’t know what’s in that month, maybe its a lucky month to get reunited with your other half and then comes the preparation, the gowns,venue,cakes and don’t forget the wedding favors as token. Some are handmade to save money and some are ready made to escape from the hassle but for those couple still thinking what to give on thier wedding day then consider the cool mugs personalized with your face in it or wedding motif. It’s unique, creative and you can also add some accent to put some personal touch to show the couple’s love and affections. So, best wishes to all the couples who will be wed this year.


Father’s Day and Birthday

My dearest father will be turning 65 this year. So, aside from birthday presents, we will also need to think of a nice fathers day present that we can give to him. Last year, both my sisters in US sent him a cash and my sister Weng and I bought some cologne. My Mom gave him a nice T-shirt as birthday gift but did not give him anything on father’s day. Since that will be his 65th birthday, i think we have to give him something special. My father deserved all these valuable gifts because he worked so hard in his past 40 years of his life just to provide his family. Father’s day is a special day where you have to be thankful of your father for everything he have done for the family. Giving presents is just a added bonus but telling him how much you love him and appreciate him will sure enough for him. So, if you are looking for something special for your dear Dad, then go online and start browsing the different shopping store online as they have tons of choice that you cannot find in the store. I think you can also order for customize gift, that’s what I read in one website.



Do you have twitter?

Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.

Twitter is one of the top social networking that most people online have been using. People can connect to the virtual world using their gadgets like cellphones, iphone, ipad and share their something on twitter. Lots of celebrities all over the world have twitter account and even kids have their own twitter account too. I opened a twitter account last year but I did not bother to open it again.

I checked my twitter account and learned some few twitter words;

Twitter·Blogn. a nifty place to read official news from Twitter.

Fledg·ling Winen. a Twitter winemaking project for literacy around the world.

Twit·Vidn. a simple video sharing option for your tweets.

Sees·mic Lookn. a Windows application for diving into topics on Twitter.

Top·syn. a search engine powered by tweets.

Twitter asks “what’s happening” and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately.

What Twitter Does

Whether it’s breaking news, a local traffic jam, a deal at your favorite shop or a funny pick-me-up from a friend, Twitter keeps you informed with what matters most to you today and helps you discover what might matter to you most tomorrow.