Dream Vacation

England is a country that is part of United kingdom, and the name is derived from the Old English name Engla land, which means “land of the Angles”, The alternative name for England is Albion and it has Another romantic name for England is Loegria, related to the Welsh word for England. One of the Country that i ambitiously dream of. Its only a dream because its far from where i lived and it in the other side of the Globe, Just by hearing the Country England the first thing on your mind is the beginning of History of mankind. Its is full of wonders, Great places and sure for luxurious vacations. Like the Holiday Cottages South West England One of the place you must consider to visit or have your vacation, for they offer great service and great amenities. Its great for family, friends or just by yourself if you want to escape from the busy world and experience wonderful vacation. So if you have plans to have a satisfying vacation this place must be one in your list. No more problems for they will take care of you and your family. Just click and browse for more information. Thank you..


Web Blinds

We now experience the so called Global Warming, the heat of the sun was never as before, that we can still benefited on it, Now the sun is not a vitamins but can cause cancer of the skin if your being exposed. As i observe the sun rise late and sets early. The weather is changing and its good. we have to think of good protection, like for our skin we have to used sunblock lotion and used umbrella whether it rains or shine. We can’t control the nature so we must have remedies. As the saying goes precaution is better than cure. venetian blinds. ‘One of the ways that you can protect yourself and the things that’s inside the house not to damage. As we know blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. Metal window blinds are often used outside of the house or business to protect against theft, temperature, vision, bad weather and fire (in fire-prone areas). Just from that information we have to think for our best interest.


Friday Fill Ins. Just fill-in-the blank meme to enjoy..

And…here we go!

1. Right now I need a 1hour bath, seriously!.

2. Water with honey is what’s in my glass.

3. A copy of this letter needs to put in to file for emergency purpose.

4. Mango Float and Ice cream is best with a spoon. (yum Yum).

5. The best movie I’ve seen lately is Love and other Drugs ;-)nice movie.

6. Wearing two piece swimsuit i really like; Having lots of money and traveling around the world i really really love. Lol

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleep early because its been 1week i sleep late as in late, hate insomnia huhu, tomorrow my plans include to wake up early and go to a bookstore and Sunday, still thinking… (wink)…lol


Table for All

It’s been a long time since my mother became very active in religious group in our community. She was a member at first, just going to her superior house or head leader to conduct their meetings and all, she was active then but after a month she’s been promoted to became one of the head leader and now she has a member already and very active and serious in executing her title as a head leader. And every time they had prayer meetings in our house she’s always busy preparing for foods and drinks, especially wine. five days before the event she will see to it that she had bought already a wine before she will decide what kind of foods she will be serving. But since we don’t really have more knowledge about wines going online help, they have online wine delivery and also the supermarket. so every time we go online or to the supermarket, ether way she always ask us to accompany her so that we can suggest to her what kind of wines that are cheaper and at the same time still taste good. And since having this kind of event in our house is very important to her so we support her.



My entry for this TCP is one of my sister fav cartoon movie..:-)
Have a great week….
Tinker Bell is the jealous pixie who glows brightest for Peter Pan. Her voice sings like a tinkling bell and a sprinkle of her pixie dust can make you fly. But this sprite can turn spiteful if she suspects that Peter’s attentions are diverted to anyone but herself. It’s bad enough that she has to compete with Never Land’s other adoring females (the mermaids and Princess Tiger Lily), but now Peter’s brought back this Wendy person from London. Tink would lay down her life for Peter, but he’s too busy playing Wendy’s hero to care. Somehow she’ll find a way to settle the score, even if it takes eliminating the competition.