Party for the YOUNGS.

I don’t have kids but i am fond of them, i once work in pizza restaurant where we offer children’s parties, i so enjoyed it because they re so Innocent, they just play like its no tomorrow, some of them plays like a monster and some of them are just in their table sitting and eat the goodies that they have, when the mascot will present something.. they looks so cute. there is this one time that me and my sister gave a birthday party to our niece, we don’t have that big money to buy those expensive goodies that we want to give to the kids, we feel so frustrated because the kids doesn’t enjoyed it that much.we didn’t do it again.childrens parties this is the more convenient and easy way to prepare those childrens parties, its so cute, you can choose anything that you desired or your kids desired, its full of fun, from the games and of course the theme of the party. no sweat for us aunts and parent because they offer the best party. you just enjoyed watching the kids and even old ones can enjoy the party as well. they prepared it for us, no frustration no conflict with kids, just fun, enjoyment to you and specially to the kid.


I so love the Bella and Edward of Twighlight

I cant wait to watch this new twilight saga, The Breaking Dawn.i am so excited and i anticipated it so much, i wasn’t able to read the book because my sister did not bring it when she had her vacation here, i really love the saga so much. and this up coming which is the breaking dawn, bella and edward will have a child, actually my sister jijie already told me about it.. but its different when its in the movie.

It’s official: 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy will play Bella ( Kristen Stewart ) and Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) daughter, Renesmee, in “Breaking Dawn,” the series’ author Stephenie Meyer confirmed on Facebook late Wednesday.

“Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy,” wrote Meyer. “She’s an amazing young actress and I’m excited to work with her.” [Related: Find out who will play the Denali clan.]

The move is set to hit theaters in two parts: the first on November 18, 2011, and the second on November 16, 2012.

Last month, it was announced that “Lost” star Maggie Grace signed on to play Irina — who blames the Cullen family for killing her lover — in the vampire saga.


Loving the Nature.

When holiday is approaching, we feel excited because of the holiday vacation, bonuses, the 13th month pay and of course Sales all over the mall and places, their are many offer that is affordable, like discounts for the beach resort that you wanted to spend your holiday vacation if you prefer beaches, if you wanted to spend your vacation in the setting where you can enjoy the scenery of the Nature, the trees, birds, lake, pond or anything that is earthly, you will like it to spend the holiday vacation in the park, were you can feel the embrace of the fresh air caravan holidays is a company that offers this type of holiday vacation. its affordable and i am sure when you try it it will be unforgettable and most remembered you will do it all over again. your not just gonna enjoy the place with your family you also participating in saving the mother earth and you will feel the importance of the living things in the world. and your children will learn to appreciate the earth, it is also convenient because when your in the park its nice just to lay down and talk with your family or special someone and also do some game programs.



my friend loves to eat this street food, we call it “kwek2x) its hard boiled egg that is being coated with flour and coloring and then being put in the boiling water and you will put sauce and cucumber, actually it taste good because of the sauce. it very famous street food her our country, if you dont feel like eating rice you will be full just by eating this kwek2x.if you don’t like eggs, you can choose the tempura.. i more like it than the egg.. delicioso


Group Outing.

Holiday is the only time that we can spend time and days to our family specially when our job/work is hectic and loaded. we can have the longest vacation that we anticipated for months, we feel rewarded every time we are given holiday vacation. its the time that relatives will plan to have their reunions, or just simple gathering of families and relatives.. also friend will plan to have group vacation, enjoying the time with friends before they go back to school. usually people have that holiday by camping or in the park, sometimes they are traveling using the RV or by caravan. and it really nice to do it with family and friends, when your in group, you will meet other people and you will enjoy more when there are more people. norfolk broads its a company that offers this type of holiday vacation, and its affordable, you can reserve it in advance so that when the holiday come you just pack your things and off to the road or to the place with your family and friends or with your romantic partner if you plan to spend the holiday in the nature setting with trees and birds all over the place.