Divine Mercy

I’ve been meaning to go to this place, it is called DEVINE MERCY. Thanks to my sister I able to visited it just recently. We went there and saw this huge statue of Jesus Christ. We lighted some candles and offered prayer for guidance and peace. It is a very conservative place, and they observed proper dress code which is right for sacred place like this. When we went there my sister just wore short as she didn’t any idea if it’s allowed. The person that takes care of the place handed her a skirt that will cover her legs. I don’t want top be rude but I laugh at how she looks with those skirt. She looked ugly with it and looks like a laundry girl hehehe or a woman who is abnormal.. joke..

This is when the in charge of the divine mercy give my sister a skirt because shorts are not allowed in the holy place…hard headed sibling..


Looking for more water adventures

I considered this year my lucky year as I experienced lots of fun adventures in this small island we are living right now. Our country is an island as it is surrounded with water. I thank my sister for taking us to different places last summer. It was my first time to be in Camiguin Island and see its wonders. We rented a nice cottage and stayed there for days. I had also a blast nature trekking last holy week and explore the mountains. My sister has the resources and money to go places because of her husband. Her husband is planning to retire in the Philippines so they both busy right now looking for a place that is close to the beach and ideal for business. My sister and her husband love to travel. They’ve been to different states in US, places in Asia and cruise to Mexico. My sister is planning to stay here in the Philippines for a while. She has an easy life, no work and always on the go for adventures. She is planning to take a vacation to this beautiful place and I am hoping she would take us. Anyhow, if you are looking for perfect vacation destinations try checking out www.hoseasons.co.uk. They offer affordable prices to their cottage and other amenities. You can request for a brochure and book your next vacation online. So, check it out and enjoy your vacation.


Budgeting your Finances

I have been starting with my new job, so i have to make sure i budget everything, from my everyday fare to my lunch money. Anyways, its been raining a lot lately so the first floor of our was was flooded, and i have to put taht fixing on my budget> i have been so stress with all this coming on my finances. So i went to my bank if i could get a loan. The offer wasn’t much but at least i could make our house repair before it get really worst. Applying for loan help me budget my finances, So now, i have a additional expenses for my budget. But the good thing is, since i had our house fix, now it doesn’t get flooded, thank god. So now, since i still have to make some payment, i have to get extra job, its isn’t bad, its just that, i have to spent more time working full time and part time. Its so hard when surprise expense it on the way, it will affect you finances and budgeting. Since i had that loan, i made sure i get everything in our house fix, so when the rainy seasons come, there will be to surprise expenses and ruin my financial plan.


Farm Tour

Here are some pic of our short nature tour to our grandparents bukid (farm) sosyal!!.My sister and i went to visit my grandparents bukid because my lola is planing to sell that land since theirs no one their to manage it, because the one who manage it who is by the way her brother decided to live with his daughter in laguindingan so my lola are looking for a buyer, and since my sister has nothing to do and got interested when hearing it so she decide to visit. she want to see and take some picture to show her husband if he wanted to buy that land.. We Had fun going there. we rent a motorcycle together with my lola. And i enjoy climbing the jack fruit tree..The place has abundance of fruits such as banana, coconut, jack fruit, mango, and more..


In memory of the Durian Fruit…

last day, my sister jijie bought durian fruit at the grocery store. i don’t really like durian because i cant stand the smell of it, she insisted that i should try to taste it because it taste good. so, i take it as a challenge and try to taste it. at first i got confused to the taste, its sweet but i cant explain it.. heehe but it really taste good..