$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

My sister Sheila or Shydub as her online name is so excited in telling me the good news that there is a possibility that we can own a branded bag and sooo….expensive through Blogging.. hehehe this well be our second time to join a contest that the price is for us ladies that LOVES accessories that make us feel sexy and expensive. I’m crossing my finger and i will pray to my saint that we will be lucky again. All the LADIES out there this will be our chance to win this lovely and elegant bag don’t think twice enter the $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest because if choosing having this bag or living your boyfriend, i definitely leave my boyfriend, why? Simple! I cant have a bag worth this much, while boyfriends come and go. Even if I have the money which i don’t really have, i wont buy it, because if i do, i will be starving to death. Thanks to Shydub for the referral.

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Killing Time

It’s been a while now since i last wrote here in my account, i cant think of something to write about. i’ve been busy preparing for my application relating to my course and at the same time looking for other alternative if ever i don’t get the approval from that agency, been thinking going abroad, like applying for an agency, but we don’t have money for the placement fee and i don’t know any agency here that have fly now pay later policy. searching for a way to endure the boredom, so i decided to write something interesting here in my blog, but i’ve been staring at the monitor for 1 hour before i could compose a sentence to write, and im already bored, sad but true and still waiting for a call from the company im applying. maybe i should go out sometimes with my friends, hay!.


Eyeglasses for you

My mother and i went to an eye specialist last month because its been a while that my head is aching and my mother thinks maybe i have eye problem and thinking about wearing an eye glasses makes me feel exited. The eye specialist said that all i need is a correctional eyeglasses, i have to wear it for 1 year but after wearing for few days i feel better, and the fact that i don’t like the style of my eyeglasses and we have a history of eyesight problem like my parents who has the same delima about their eyes and my sister for 3 years, been complaining about her eyes and choosing what kind of eyeglasses we wore are important, master sight a no.1 online eyeglasses store have glasses, online glasses helps us lessen the burden of finding quality eyeglasses, and choosing a eyeglasses that suites to everyone, eyeglasses that define our personality and you wont look old by wearing it, we don’t have to go to malls or any optical clinic looking for eyeglasses that defines our personality and doesn’t make us look old while wearing it, and can save us time and money, just surfing the net will do the trick.


For better or worst?

What should we do if we are newbies in blogging?? well! if you ask me i dont know, i’m still learning, and also asking the same question, most of the time i still ask for my sister’s help. what to write or where can i find the site. everything that links to blogging. i’m still consult with my sister hay! sometimes i think my sister got piss off of me when i live a message to her FB asking, where can i find the link, what should i do with this or where do i put this, can you check it, or always buzz her on YM, What can i do? i really don’t know some of the things about blogging, i assume that its easy to blog, you just have to write what’s on your mind or stuff about you but when i try to join some of the blogger’s contest, oh my! i know same of it but the hard part is the difficult, maybe i just don’t know how to read instructions, im lazy sometime when it comes to reading instruction and i once tried to look online but you have to pay first, but now im learning a little everytime i wrote and join a contest. Good for me!