Love it

Wow, this is the prize we won from miss grace, amazing give-away blogversary. i want to share my price to my sister who is by the way, encourage us to join the contest but she’s not here so i just say, thank you sis! maybe when you come home i can lend you this bag but sure thing our mother will like this bag to so goodluck to me. and thank you again to miss grace hope more blogversary to come.


What will I do if I will win $100?

Employment is so tough now that the economy is having crisis, so to be practical and wiser i have to think and find the way to earn money. I’m starting now to learn blogging since I’m still searching for jobs, though its hard because i am not used to this type of networking and its using English language which i don’t really used in my everyday life,but practically speaking it help me to earn money.So, i will grab every opportunity that is been given. We all have ups and downs and i learn from it, i wont give-up so easily, my family is having a hard time and we fight to survive especially in money matters, we’ve experience so many things, from failures to health problems but we are trying so hard to fight for those and find a solution and preventions. Since my family are now facing this what i called financial problems, for me, if i win $100 the first thing i will do is to buy medicines and vitamins for my parents and sister. Since my Mama has a diabetes and high blood pressure, I want to buy her the bracelet monitor for the diabetes. Thanks to my sister because she already bought the bracelet charm for high blood pressure. My Papa also has a mild tuberculosis,and so is my sister who is very ill for having this decease that can’t be cured I have to priorities them. Those medicines and vitamins are for the maintenance so that their illness wont get worst,we all know that prevention is better than cure Ive been practicing that now, our body is so fragile so we better start taking care of ourselves. Of course i will treat them to dine out because we don’t usually dine out. and i will save the rest for emergency purposes.

This is my official entry to Thanksgiving contest of Noel and Levy.


Thanks Giving Contest (living life to the fullest)

After winning the first contest that I ever entered, now I’m getting a hang of it. I am new in the blogosphere and don’t have blogger friends yet aside from my sister’s online friends who frequently visiting our blog. My sister told me about this contest over at Living Life to the Fullest hosted by Levy and her husband Noel that offers a whooping $200 cash as prizes. Very interesting prizes and I’m crossing my finger to this.
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Excited to watch this movie

My sister and i are been waiting to for this movie, since we last saw the twilight and the new moon we are eager to watch this 3rd installment of twilight last this coming june 30 is the showing we cant wait.

Bella Swan is reunited with the love of her life (and vampire), Edward Cullen. Her life is back to the way it was before the Cullens left, except for one major thing. Before Edward left, Bella had not considered Jacob Black (werewolf) her best friend, and she is in vain trying to make Edward and Jacob make peace and be friends. She is torn between the love she feels for Edward and the strong friendship between her and Jacob. Can she make them see reason, and can they be good to each other to keep from hurting Bella? And there are new dangers lurking around the corners; Seattle is stalked by mass murderers beyond humanity. Who’s behind this, and what connection does it have with Bella? Everyone sparkles.

Directed by
David Slade

Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay)
Stephenie Meyer (novel “Eclipse”)

Cast (in credits order)
Xavier Samuel … Riley
Kristen Stewart … Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson … Edward Cullen
Billy Burke … . Charlie Swan
Justin Chon … Eric
Anna Kendrick … Jessica
Michael Welch … . Mike
Christian Serratos … Angela
Jackson Rathbone … Jasper Hale
Ashley Greene … Alice Cullen
Paul Jarrett … . Mr. Biers
Iris Quinn … .. Mrs. Biers
Sarah Clarke … Renee
Peter Facinelli … Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaser … Esme Cullen
Kellan Lutz … .. Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reed … .. Rosalie Hale
Bryce Dallas Howard … Victoria
Taylor Lautner …. Jacob Black
Kiowa Gordon ….. Embry Call
Tyson Houseman … Quil Ateara
Bronson Pelletier … Jared
Alex Meraz … Paul
Julia Jones … Leah Clearwater
Tinsel Korey … Emily
Chaske Spencer … Sam Uley
Gil Birmingham … Billy Black
Alex Rice … Sue Clearwater
BooBoo Stewart … Seth
Peter Murphy … The Cold One
William Belleau … Quileute Warrior
Justin Rain … Quileute Warrior
Monique Ganderton … Beautiful Vampiress
Byron Chief-Moon … Taha Aki
Mariel Belanger … Third Wife
Jodelle Ferland … Bree
Dawn Chubai … Female Reporter
Jack Huston … Royce King
Ben Geldreich … John
Daniel Cudmore … Felix
Dakota Fanning … Jane
Cameron Bright … Alec
Charlie Bewley … Demetri
Leah Gibson … Nettie
Kirsten Prout … Lucy
Cainan Wiebe … Newborn Boy


Life Insurance

Perhaps when we got older we have to think of our future, now that our economy is having a crisis we better start to be wiser and think ahead. we must think of a way on how to be protected as well as it gives us the assurance in the near future, health emergencies or maybe accident can occur with out warning, life is hard especially if times that your out of work and start to find a good paying job. we cant predict the future and we cant avoid problems, especially money problems. life insurance the most reliable and effective way to guarantee protection, it will help us to lessen the burden to our family through the years. while we still young we have to invest our money in a smarter way. Perhaps growing old is the hardest task we have to face in life. we devote most of our early life acquiring things, if we love our family we have to be prepared all time,we must not give them a hard time. we maybe here today but maybe gone tomorrow, so try to check the link if you want to invest your future today.