Nephew’s visit to Barrio Guadalupe

With his two lolo’s and lola judith.

The nephew’s first visit to barrio guadalupe where his grandfather was born and grow up. Barrio Guadalupe is part of San Carlos City in the province of Negros Occidental. Just recently, the barrio folks celebrated their fiesta that is why my father is there together with the nephew and the nephews parents.. heheheh


Furniture and Climate

In a way, furniture is made to fit the climate. Like in tropical areas that people often sleep in hammocks because the breeze can pass through the cloth. Same as the rattan furniture that is also popular in the tropics. This is the furniture that is woven together so that air can pass through.

When a house is poorly heated, beds in cold climates were enclosed like boxes to warm the person sleeping. The feather bed was popular in northern areas because of its warmth. In cooler areas big upholstered pieces of furniture are popular, but in the tropics these pieces would rot. However, homemaker can choose the furniture they like regardless off the climate because they can always install air condition inside the house and all. But just for those who want to save on money. It is better to buy the kind of furniture that fit our climate to lessen our expenses in buying the right furniture inside our home.


A Simple Wish List

Everybody has its own wish list for this coming Christmas. We want to receive or buy those beautiful clothes, shoes, gadgets, and jewelries that we really love. And if you ask me, I would really want to have the house renovated (too much to ask) a new cellphone, new pair of sandals and a beautiful pearls especially the honora freshwater cultured pearl and crystal earring set if someone would be generous enough to give me. Maybe I am asking too much but what I say, woman loves jewelry and I am one of those woman who love wearing jewelry.


Making Myself Busy at Home

I never been married and at my age, I still do not own a house that I can decorate or redecorate. Even though I don’t have one of those things, I still want to experience the excitement and fun choosing those furniture to make a house beautiful. Been reading few articles about home improvement but I still don’t know where to begin with the house I am staying right now. It would be wonderful if you know some professional that can help you with it, but we all know that you also need to spend money for the services. Making your house beautiful also needs cash. We just have to think of better ways to make that kitchen very pleasant when cooking, or our dining area to be more spacious, or making our bedrooms comfortable to sleep.

I may not have those resources now but I can still make our house comfortable for me. I throw and sold some of those stuff that are not needed anymore. Rearrange our furniture in the living room to make it look spacious, removed and clean the closet and bookshelves inside my room. It is just a minor makeover but it sure looks the house comfortable and nice. I still want to repaint the bedroom wall and kitchen but that is another story. I still have to find a nice paint color that will brighten the inside of the house. Wish me luck for my home improvement project.


The musician in me

I always like music, old or new, it does not matter as long that I enjoy listening to it. Downloading most of that music to my iPhone is what I do most, because I want to listen to that music when driving and doing the house chores. My sisters even ask me some of that music and I am happy to give them those compilations that I knew they would like. However, maybe I could do a little playing on the side since I like music that much and my husband’s family is somewhat talented in some of those musical instruments. My husband actually starting to teach dallas (grandson) to play the piano and I was hoping he could help me try to learn the saxophone since that music instrument is fun to play and gorgeous not only the music instrument itself but the music it brings. We already found a few sites to shop that musical instrument especially the cheap saxophones at wwbw online. Maybe in the end the musician in me will come out and if that time comes, I would be happy to play that music instrument to my family.