A Good First-aid Manual and First-aid Kit a Home Should Possess

Every home should possess not only a complete first-aid kit but also a good first-aid manual for the whole family welfare. First-aid kit should be or preferably store in a kitchen cupboard, but out of the reach of young children. However, learning from a book is never as good as taking an approved course and being taught how to handle and care for an injured or sick person in an emergency. The aims for first-aid are: first, to save life, second, to prevent a person’s condition from worsening, and third, to help the person to begin their recovery.

Here are some points to remember in the event of an accident:

1. keep calm, and do tour best to calm the victim (the injure person).
2. Seek help (for example, by calling an ambulance).
3. Make sure that no further harm is done to the victim by moving them. A person with a back injury, for instance should not be moved until expert help arrives.
4. If it is safe to move the person, make them comfortable and keep them warm.

A first-aid is the branch of medical science in which treatment is given to people suffering from accident or from sudden illness. It is called first-aid because the treatment must be given at once.


Uncluttered Year Hopeful

Leaving things where you get it is a nice attitude especially if you are inside in a shopping mall. Sales person would really appreciate that kind of attitude because they don’t need to follow you everywhere you go, but how about in dealing with your own things. Leaving the things you used anywhere in the house can cause clutter.

This year, I will try my best to put the things I use to where it belongs to prevent facing a messy house environment for the whole year. I don’t want to experience last years searching problem because I forgot where I put my other things and my sissy’s teaching stuff. I am the one who brought her teaching things when she flew to the US unplanned and when she ask me to find that things, I had hard time looking for it since it was really an old important stuff for her.

We had to accept that when you get older, you tend to forget small details that is important. That is always the problem especially if you don’t belong in a household that eat and prepared healthy foods for the brain (memory booster) ;-) three time a day. I lived by myself and most of the time I forgot to eat most of it because of my laziness.

So for those who possess a clutter attitude like me or messy lifestyle. Maybe this is the time to start to uncluttered our home for a peaceful and better life ahead (literally or not).


No New Years Resolution This Year “2014”

I always forgot anyway, I would just try be live simple and be happy always, if possible.

Just Download Tinker Bell The Pixie Hollow Games

I don’t have a copy of this movies so I download it the moment I saw it in extra torrent. I like all the movies of Tinker Bell. I have been watching this The Pixie Hollow Games on youtube but it is always a pick of the game. For the kids and kids at heart. A cute collection for you little girl at home.

See the movie and find out who won the games. All types of fairies will compete in this games. The Animal fairies, Tinker fairies, Garden fairies and all the fairies in the movie tinker bell. It has many type of fairy in the movie and I can’t name all of them hehehe. I just wonder why the snow fairies are not on that game.


Arbench to add for your lovely homes

Homemakers always look for good quality stuff and think of many ways to make their homes more homey and elegant. Some of them even go online and search for nice house arrangement for a small space to have more space for the children and some are searching for that nice and perfect furniture that is suitable for the house. Because they are the ones who will always take care of the house and the children even if they have jobs like the husband. It is in their nature to care for their family and nurture their children to be God fearing and good in everything. They are the ones encouraging the children to develop their talents. Some of those mothers are very supportive to the point to enrolling their children to the best music teachers and school for music instrument learning, especially if their children want to be a singer or a musician. That also includes buying their musical instruments and all the attach tools like the excellent casio arbench at Musicians Friend that is perfect for a home that collects musical instruments. It is a useful folding bench when the family wants get together for a private musical night exclusively for the family members only. It is like playing in a musical theater. This folding bench is capable of holding up to 250 pounds. It folds flat to become extremely portable. The padded beige seat cushion makes this portable bench comfortable as well as attractive. It also adds additional chairs in your home and very useful as well during parties and you run out of available chair to those uninvited guest.