Affordable Couch for a Small House

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Our couch has been with us like forever. I do not even remember my parents buying that couch. Every time that couch fades it seating color or got tear up by old age. My mother always brings it to shops that fix couches. It is much cheaper and you can still choose if you want to change the seating cover to a more elegant and colorful one. That is always what my parents do every time that couch cover was busted. However, just like old things and people aheemm, it has an end. Few weeks ago, that couch decides to retire. One of its legs got broke down and I have to find a temporary solution to that problem since we still need to find a new couch replacement. I just put wood on the broken leg so that people would seat in that couch would be comfortable.

Choosing the right couch to our living room is somewhat hard especially if you don’t know anything about it. What should be the perfect color that would match the color of our living room, or if flower cover is nice or what kind of couch design should we buy to make our living room elegant and beautiful in a homey way.

Right now, I am still looking for an affordable couch that would fit and look perfect in our little house. Buying expensive couch is not an option because my parents are planning to sell the house anyway.


A Stronger Bolt Is What We Need

If you’re not always at home and you still want your house to be secure from all those unwanted visitors, owning a big dog is necessary. When you pass by a big house and your curiosity strikes and you want to peek what is inside, most of the time we got scared because the big dogs is busy barking.

My boyfriend has a Rottweiler dog and that dog is already 2 years old. Sometime when my boyfriend is away, I will be the one taking care of his Rottweiler. Feed him and bath him if he already needs it badly. What I do not like about bathing that dog is he can drag me anywhere he likes. Most of the times I just wait for my boyfriend and endure the dogs smell because I do not want to be drag around, its messy and tiring. And because his rottweiler is really strong, he always buy new leash and collar for his dog but his rottweiler always find a way to destroy it, so we decide to buy a big chair and a strong bolt for his dog. Good thing we know a bolt kits site that sells different types of bolt that we need for his rottweiler’s chain. Now, we don’t need to buy new leash or collar.


Repairing our old laptop speaker

Why buy a new laptop speaker if I can repair the old and broken one! This is our old laptop speaker. It belongs to my older broker and the wire was tear up by the pets (when they still puppies). It was okay that time because I still have some replacement but when the speaker I was using for years now got busted, I got worried. Thank God I did not throw this one out. Only the wire is broken and it just need a electrical tape to fix it.

And here it is, good as new. If you live in a house that is very open and the neighbors are very noisy. You need to have a loud speaker to hear your music and movies clearly.


Now, I have a new fix speaker and I don;t need to buy new one. Thankful for the ever handy electrical tape. hehehe


Happy listening everyone! ! !


Busy on online stuff

Lately, I have been listening to music. Good thing someone already downloaded few music in my laptop. I don’t have to search online or buy music cd’s to listen to the music that I like to listen. Listening to music make me forget that I need to clean and disinfect the whole house. Recently, my two puppies died to a contiguous disease so I need to disinfect the whole house so that my other pets won’t get the disease. The only problem is that I can’t listen to it when I am cleaning the rooms because I don’t have a the best music software that is compatible for my laptop. Just like those musician who use music notation software for editing their music and all.

I don’t know much about music but I still know a good quality music when I heard one. A music can be very beautiful and appealing if the musician knows how to pick the right music instruments and software to match their talents in making music.


Thinking for an spacious home arrangement

If you have a small house but has a lot of stuff inside, it is hard to find that spacious arrangement you want. My parents loves to keep old stuff. A very old cabinets, chairs and even papers that are very old and not in use anymore. Just recently, I took care of those old stuff but there are still few of it left in the house because I don’t know where to dispose them. The garbage truck only comes twice a week and those few time, it is either I am still asleep or not in our house. And I can’t carry those old cabinets even if I want too because it’s heavy. I already tried a hundred times disposing all of them even if I got bruises and wound in the process. I just want our house to be clutters free for once.

I also been doing arranging and decorating our house to make it beautiful even if all our furniture’s are old. I just need to be more creative and imaginative about re-arranging those old stuff and make it beautiful. I also been searching online about decorating a small space to look spacious.