When Kids Drive You Crazy

It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Even the most level-headed parents lose their cool once in a while when their children. Every day as a parent is a challenging task, and there are some days that is more challenging than others. Here are 10 strategies for dealing with some of those especially stressful time. It is up to you if you try it. Acknowledging your own weakness in the first step in gaining control.

1. Leave-physically. Take a physical break from your children by removing yourself from the situation. Take a long walk or drive just to clean your head.

2. Leave-mentally. Take a mental break by fantasizing. Images may be anything from a candlelight bubble bath to a tropical island beach resort.

3. Figure out what makes you blow. Mentally list the last five times you’ve yelled at your kids. If there is a pattern, does it drive you nuts. Try to come out a solution to these recurrent stress times.

4. Lower your standards. This will be difficult for the perfectionist. So what if you kids clothes don’t match? let it go.

5. Keep your blood sugar up. If your hungry, chances are you get angry easily, tires and get cranky as well. Be sure to eat three well balance meal so you can face the day ahead.

6. Change with the times. If your spouse is out if town for the week and you’ve got to take care of the kids. 2 dogs, and a cat, give yourself room to breathe. Let the kids watch a bit more TV, order pizza or let the kids sleep over at a friends house on a school night.

7. Communication with your kids. It is the best and effective way to know your kids and get close to them.

8. Learn to say NO. Although saying “no” to one’s children is sometimes necessary, it may be better at times to say “no” to events that will stress your out even more around kids. Considered it preventive medicine.

9. Simplify your life. Get a giant wipe-off calendar for your home. Put it where everyone can reach it and highlight days that look especially busy so that everyone is aware of the possible stress levels. Schedule time alone with spouse and with kids as often as possible.

10. Do as I say, AND as I do. Set a good example for you kids. Don’t buy all the junk food you like and then yell at your daughter for throwing a tantrums in the store at not getting the cookies she wants. In general, be respectful of your children. Many of the bad habits they’ll pick up will come from you.

But above all if you lose your cool with your kids, con’t be afraid to say “I ‘m sorry.” We all have thoughts of guilt after we yell at our child, but it is important to realize how he or she receives our words and actions. A hug or kiss with your apology, and let your child know that he/she is still loved.


Jake’s Spiderman Stance

This is during their family vacation months ago.


Managing you Phobias

It is not easy to have a phobia, it feels like your not totally free living this world because you are afraid of something that most of the people enjoy doing. I don’t know if I am afraid of heights but I sure do I am afraid of all kinds of reptiles just like the others LOL. Parents also have difficulty if their children has a phobia, meaning they have to be extra careful with them.

One way or another, we have to find a way to be brave and let our fears go away. Maybe this would help to guide you with you phobias, It is still nice to have a plan to combat our phobias. According to the book, phobias can be healed. There are eight-step plan to combat those phobias says; Trudy Weissman, director of the phobia Workshop in New Rochelle, New York.

1. Accept it.
2. Realize it won’t kill you.
3. Don’t run.
4. Make a chart.
5. Try to relax.
6. Keep in touch with reality.
7. Believe you can function with fear levels.
8. If all else fails, seek professional help.

Or look for a meaning in your life. Without a sense of meaning, people become cynical, then scared. Jesus gave the ultimate prescription: Love God with all you’ve got-and your neighbor as yourself. He promise not to leave us nor forsake us even unto the end of the world.


Keeping it neat and organize

Having problem with your locker? Why not try this short tips to make it neat and organize.

Take everything out of your closets and sort each item into three: keep, give away, or toss it. You can sell it online or just give it to your relatives who like to have it.

Install a shelf above the top bar where you can store rarely-used items.

Use storage boxes (plastic ones are preferable) for seasonal items.

Group clothes by type (shirts, pants, dress, etc.) and by color (light to dark color).

Store frequently-used items in bins and place them on the closet floor.

A easy and simple way to make your locker/closet organize and neat to look at. You can easily find what your looking for in a seconds. One way of keeping the house clean.


Happy Moments

A fresh happy morning session with aunt rachel, grandma and little kikay justine. We always wake up early because the kids are still adjusting in their sleeping time. They already sleep at around 3 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning. So, their mother is awake most of the time.
My brother only drive the pick-up and not all of us can fit inside, some of us decided to seat/ride at the back of the pick-up including the very active isaac ( younger brother’s son) with his grandpa and the pets, but the parents won’t allow it because it is dangerous and its very hot that time.