Grandchildren meets Grandparents

We did have a great time especially the grandparents who meeting/seeing their grandchildren from our eldest sister. We stayed at coconut bay together with my other siblings and parents for 2 days because the place is private and they have swimming pool for the kids which I don’t enjoy at all (LOL). It was just a short bonding time with the sister because they plan to stay in Cebu due to the recent bombing happened here in CDO. They just want to double careful especially the kids is with them, but they bring the grandparents to Cebu so that they can spend more time with their grandchildren and also bond with my father’s relatives.

And here is jake. showing his spiderman stand. He like spiderman and teen titans.


Perfect 3-pack

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Just Us..


Student Travel Tour

I wish I know something about exchange student when I was studying in high school or college. It would be wonderful to apply for it and experience studying abroad. It is my dream to travel Europe and student travel europe would be perfect for me. It would be easy to process the passport and other papers because the school will assist you, but I think it’s not too late for me, I just need to find the right people who will help me achieved it and have money to pay for it.