Old and Dandy Guitar

This is our old but cool guitar despite the not so perfect strings. I still use it even-though I don’t know how. My cousin taught me how to play before but she got tire and my hands hurts and I got tired also remembering all the notes. She told me to buy a songbook with guitar notes before and just always remember the basic notes where to put my fingers and maybe little by little I can perform a simple song using those basic notes. Unfortunately, I am more on a party gal before and learning how to play the guitar needs concentration and a very persuasive mind. I ended being jealous to those who knows how to play that music instrument. But maybe, it is not too late for me to try it again, you know learning how to play the guitar. I know there is someone or out there who are willing and patient enough to teach those people who had difficulty in learning it. I heard about some of those program online, one of those is the excellent music lessons in North Charlotte at guitar center, an excellent studio for a hardheaded student like me.


Hole,Tear on Top; A Roof Dilemma

My parents choose this kind of roof because it will give a little light to our house. Surrounded with neighbors with high roof is very tiring, so we have to make same adjustment so that our house can feel the king sun every time it arises, LOL.

However, no matter how we wanted the sun to shine inside our house, I have to replace it. The problem with having low roof is that some of the neighbors will make your roof a ladder (somewhat) in order for them to fix their own roof in an easy way. Aside from that, the stray cats are always on our roof chasing each other most especially when it’s their breeding season (another LOL), most of the time I get startled (with my pets starts to bark) when they chase each other, and mind you, they don’t pick a time. They just chase each other every time (night or day) they smell (I think) a female cat in heat or something.

I just notice the hole on our roof few days ago. I already told my parent about it. I want to fix it using my own money, but I don’t have the money for it, so I have to tell them. Unfortunately, both my parents and I don’t have the resources to fix the roof. I have to endure it especially during rainy days. I would just put a bucket below it for the leak, and every time it rains, heavy or not, it literary raining also inside.

Thankfully, my sister who live abroad give us the budget, and we are very thankful about it considering she just a stay at home mom who ear from blogging. All I have to do is find a very good carpenter and very durable and good quality roof. I have been having roof problem ever-since my parents move to other city and that was a year ago. How time flies and fixing the house is getting harder and harder.


Safety for your family

Sometimes we do bad things that are not healthy for our family because we think that is the only way we can deal with some heavy problems. We do stuff to forget our problem and just be free from it if only for a few hours. Free our mind to think only the good stuff and not the bad. A drink or two is acceptable but if you drink or do that vices more to the point of addiction is not only bad for yourself but most especially for your family. You’re not only hurting yourself but your family as well because they love you and only want the best for all.

Caring for your family, love-ones, or even your friends, who suffer addiction and just want to get that toxic out from your body in a safest way possible. There is always the internet if your are too tired to go out and look for a drug detox center to help you clean your body with your addiction or you can always visit saferapiddetox.com and just read what they can offer for you. The important thing is that, you can be back to you old self again and safe.


For the love of our house

Owning a house that you’re not the one who build it is really not good especially if that house located somewhere very crowded. Well, some of the house located in that place maybe cheaper than the ones inside a subdivision, but if you have the money to buy a new house, why not look for a nice location and very solid house foundation or at-less your know the details of that house. My parent’s house where I live right now is a very complicated house. My parents bought it with my father’s early retirement money. Actually, that house supposes to be my aunt house (my mothers help them look for a house in the city) but change their mind at the last minute so my parents took it since they already talk to the owner. That house would be great if my parents rebuild it and removed the nasty part, instead, they just renovated the part that they think needs adjustment and never bother to make it nice and beautiful and comfortable. I am not saying our house is not nice and beautiful but it would make more difference if they rebuild it.

The house is fine in the beginning, it is acceptable because we only have few neighbors that time and most of the neighbor’s houses are low level or only first floor. We can still smell some air and sunlight, but today is as if I am living in a dungeon. It is like always night inside my room because our new neighbor decided to build a second story of their house and some new neighbors build much bigger and taller house. Every day, I always hear the cats chasing at our ceiling because our house today is smaller compare to the neighbors house. In addition, some of our neighbors do some nasty things at our roof like throwing garbage ad water. Lately, we have been fixing stuff inside and outside our house because we want our house to be strong in case of typhoon, earthquake, fire, and burglars. Just recently, we fix the roof and I really thought that it is already fine, that I can sleep peacefully during heavy rains. What a disappointment it is because we need to fix the roof again and this time, we need to fix it right away. Too many problem occurs, it is really true when they say, “when it rain it pours”.


Pictorial with niece

The cute little kikay is a hit, we all have pictures of her. She will just pose without a fuzz.
With my father picture taking early in the morning..
With her tita lieza while walking the dog.. She likes dog.
This is by far the cute pic because she smile beautifully.