For the bad weather

Pampering ourselves after the busy work in the office or doing house chore is a good way of recharging our body. And in this climate situation that we are dealing right now, it is better if we are ready with all kinds of sickness most especially flu. It is important that we buy the necessary medicine for you and your kids. Storing smallflower for flu, fever and other sickness cause by bad weather is one of our top priorities, but we have to make sure that that medicine is effective because there are too many medicines in the market today and we have no assurance that it is effective to relieve flu. We have to make sure that we know what that medicine is. It doesn’t matter if it’s herbal and expensive or generics, as long as it serves it purpose and no side effect, our money will be worth it.


The cutie nephew

So cute with his little bow-tie and just look at the wet look… sooo cute! too bad we are not friends heehe…
Busy with tita jijie and tito julz presnts….


We seldom really know about a certain music instrument, unlike those people who are very much expose to music because the parents make sure that their children learn how to play the music instrument of their choice. Some of us are not really familiar to those other kinds of music instruments like the mandolin.

If you ask me, I only know of few musical instruments, that would be guitar, that are very common use, and drums, that is cool if you know how to dig that instrument. And if you look at the mandolin, other would think that it’s like a guitar because that’s what I thought when I first saw it somewhere, and I was amaze when I learn that, the mandolin music instruments are belong to lute family. It descends from the mandore, a soprano member of the lute family.

The soundboard (the top) comes in many shapes, but generally, it is round or teardrop-shaped just like the photo attach, sometimes with scrolls or other projections. So it is best if you know your own instrument and the best mandolin on the market today because it’s hard to look for it considering the many variants of the mandolin that have existed.


Sissy’s busy week

Last week, the other older sister arrives from the US and tags me along to her travel escaped here in CDO. We went to her elementary reunion and high school reunion in bukidnon. Then, we went to Dahilayan to explore the place and spend most of the time in the mall eating and shopping (the sister only). Then, I went to Davao to meet my parents in my brother’s house and spend two days there then travel to general santos with the parents. I only stay there for one day; mother and I travel back here in CDO to settle some problems. Overall, it was a change to my old daily and weekly routine but I just hope I stay few days in general santos. Maybe next month I will visit again the parents, if I can find a caretaker to the house and nanny to the pets. ;-)


Present for Men

Why is that that the people I know who just come back from working abroad always brings a lot of cigar to give to their friends and family as a present. Few of my boyfriend friends who work abroad would always give him packs of cigar. I just don’t know what cigar brands are those because he always give it away to his other close friends. If you must know, he already stops smoking years ago because his mother doesn’t want him to continue smoking because of his sister asthma condition. I am not against people who smoke or my boyfriend friends who smoke, but I just wish next time they would just give him a chocolate instead of that or a watch or something all the member of the family can enjoy. Nevertheless, he is still happy that those friends still remembers him despite their status in life.