Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend

Holiday is the best season to spend money on clothes and other things, because most of the store busy having there sale, big discount and tempting promos when you feel like traveling, so, we tend to overdo our shopping because we just can’t refuse the urge to buy stuff for the ourselves and the kids. Here is the inforgraphic showing what that stuff most homemakers overspend during holiday is.



How to give medicine to a your child

Whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter drugs, giving medicine properly to children is important. Given incorrectly, drugs may be ineffective or harmful. Therefore, when it comes to giving your children medicine, a little imagination never hurts. But what is more important is vigilance: giving the medicine at the right time at the right dose, avoiding interactions between drugs, watching out for tampering, and asking your child’s doctor or the pharmacist about the drugs concerns you may have because despising medicine properly to your children is very important.

Parents or guardian should always Read the Labels
“The most important thing for parents is to know what the drugs is, how to use it, and what reactions to look for”
Younger and Trickier
“The younger the child, the thicker using medicine is”
Dosing Dilemmas
“The safety rule first for any medicine is to give the right dose at the right time”.

Always remove the cap before administering the medicine:
• Syringes are convenient for infants who can’t drink from cup. The parents can squirt the medicine in the back of the child’s mouth where it is less likely to spill out and syringes are convenient for storing a dose.
• Droppers are safe and easy to use with infants and children too young to drink from a cup. Be sure to measure at eye level and administer quickly, because droppers tend to drip.
• Cylindrical dosing spoons, these are convenient for children who can drink from the cup but are likely to spill. The spoon looks like a test tube with a spoon formed at the top end. Small children can hold the long handles easily, and the small spoon fits easily in their mouths.
• Dosage cups are convenient for children who can drink from a cup without spilling. Be sure to check the numbers carefully on the side, and measures out liquid medicine with the cup at eye level on a flat surface.
Hope these will hope for the mommies out here. * Health and Home*


For the Parents Peace of Mind

Parents loving their children unconditionally are normal. They would do everything just to make sure that their children will grow up to be a good person someday. Moreover, having children is a blessing and to take care of them 24/7 is a wonderful thing to do but parents have to rest and take care of themselves as well. Enjoy their personal or “ME” time without the little ones and their teens once or twice a week would be wonderful. Maybe that is why schools for children had been showing up and Camps for Teens, just to help the parents have a quality time for themselves and to their husband just for a week or days because they need it rest too.

Parents enrolling their little one in a summer school or the teens in a camp school would not be a problem because those schools help children develop their talents; skills, at the same time meet other children, and develop their self-esteem. That would give them a lot of rest without worrying about their children in the process.


Before the year ends

I have decided to throw all our old and stock stuff before the year ends. Clean the jangle inside and outside the house so we can save more space and also for the unwanted tenants like roach and mice inside the house. Those pests like old stuff and love to stay in dark and messy places like our stockroom for example that is full of unused books, our old school notebooks and many more. And since I don’t have anything to do at the moment and I really wanted those old stuff gone. So when 2013 come, we will have more storage for our unwanted furniture’s or kitchen stuff again and at the same time, the house would be clean and spacious and for our health sake as well.

And here it is, the things inside our stockroom. I keep wondering why my parents love to put these in a stockroom when it should be in the garbage.
Some of these stuff are sold, 1 pesos per kilo. hehehe


A good and perfect month to buy clothes and stuff for the whole family because most store is having a SALE mania until the end of the year. Clothes for the sisters, nephews, nieces and friends would be affordable, don’t you think so?

For those who love kikay things and the latest fashion in an affordable price for the whole family, most especially for the girls/woman in the family.