Sis ThanksGiving

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving but the two sis does. They always busy preparing foods and visiting their in-laws and friend for thanksgiving and here is one of the sister’s thanksgiving with friends Vegas style..hehheeh

Hmmm, yummy turkey with fruits and homemade foods… ;-)
The sis wearing blazer with white inner and her vegas friends.

Provide the best service

Having a storage in out home is necessary so we don’t have to look everywhere for our cleaning materials or fixing equipment around the house. And that also apply in business. We make sure that all the important legal papers are perfectly save in one folder so we don’t have to open a lot of file while sorting or paying the tax and all. And if you into industrial supply and you want to save time and money for it, cad library is the answer to that. is offering it for free, one of the most extensive CAD libraries in the industry, their easy web access to CADs is available for you 24/7. They already do the work so you can incorporate CAD drawings into your design specs for over 90% of the parts in their catalog. It’s their way of proving that “others may be bigger, but nobody will serve the Customer better” than them.


The Sissys

The family’s older sis (left) and the youngest sis (right) together in one photo during those happy and younger years. They have the same taste of clothing and slightly the too in attitude.



Ski Clothing

We don’t experience snow in our country but we have malls that let you experience skiing on ice. The mall already provides the Ski Clothing, so you don’t have to worry about bringing those stuff with you but if you love skiing that much buying a few ski clothing for you and your family won’t hurt. Renting won’t be a problem anymore because you have your own ski clothing and accessories when you visit the mall and you can still use it if your family decided to migrate in the states just like the family I know. I just wish I can experience it on real snow though.


A stronger and better foundation

Because we use the old woods and ceiling for the extension terrace that when typhoon Pablo arrives, it almost flown by the very strong wind. I can’t do anything at that time because I can’t hold on to the ceiling because of the strong wind. I just use the wire I saw and temporary fix it while waiting for the weather to calm down a little. And just stare at the big hole while the rain keeps on pouring. And when the wind and rains subside, I immediately fix the things that can still be fixing because I still need to go to the hardware to buy stuff in fixing the bigger damage. I need to do it soon because even if I put some of the remaining flew stuff, the ceiling still has a big hole in it and I don’t want our terrace to get wet when rainy days arrived.