During her teaching days

Even if I am not the one teaching that time, it makes me smile every time I remember those funny moments when my sister is still teaching in that school. It was very long time ago but I still remember it and it makes me laugh and smile for awhile. When she is busy teaching those little children while the other children is also busy playing with insect, going in and out of the classroom and moving classroom tables near the door so they can go out first when the bell rings. And my sister will just stare at them and they will behave again and move back their tables and chair back to its location.

Teaching little kids is not an easy task; you need to have a lot of patients especially if you’re teaching 30 to 40 kids in one classroom. The teacher should be vigilant, patient, understanding and very firm in disciplining those children because they can’t focus on their lesson without thinking that some of those children will not be listening at all. And my sister is very much capable during her teaching career.


Sis Birthday Cards and Gift

These are the sister’s birthday cards and gift from her friends. Cute and sweet birthdays cards and stuff toy.
Cards and Minnie mouse from her daughter (exchange student)who stayed in their house.
Card from one of her Vegas friends… They called each other in visayan manghud (younger sister) and magulang (older sister). And even if I wanted to translate this message, I cant because it’s hard. hehehe

The wall tiles is starting to Loose

I seldom stay in the first floor of our house because I hate taking the stairs. And since our kitchen is located in the first floor of our house so I always eat outside and just bring few utensils and the ref, microwave and the folding table in the second floor for my convenience hehehe. And because of that, it was too late for me to fix the wall tiles in the first floor salas. I just found out yesterday and the broken tiles in the floor scattered. It was sad because that is our first owned house since my father’s early retirement from the company his working (delmonte) but it’s a good thing also because now we know what are the things that needs to be fixed inside the house. My parents is planning to sell the house though but we’re still waiting for a buyer who will be interested to buy it, but for now, we need to fixed or maybe know what things should be fixed as well. We don’t what to loosen all the tiles inside the house any day soon, right?


Looking for New Bath Curtains and Bath Stuff

In our home sweet home, we have two bathrooms but we don’t have bathtubs and only the first floor bathroom has bathroom curtain but in the second floor don’t have bath curtain. And since Christmas is few days away, it might be a good idea to look for new bathroom curtains and bath stuff, since we know that malls and stores this time of the month will have SALE fever. Maybe I could buy my bathroom curtains and at the same time pick nice bathroom stuff for my mother as a gift this Christmas. Celebrating Christmas and New Year with a new bathroom stuff would be refreshing and clean. What do you think? This could be a very promising task for me considering I don’t know much about housekeeping and stuff. And this could be my training if ever I will have my own house someday. Crossing my fingers on that, ;-).. hehe


Print Your Own Postcards

Isn’t it nice and wonderful to created stuff personally? Like making cards for your family and friends, it’s cheaper and more meaningful than buy it on bookstores. You can add special touch to your special someone and that’s the same as print postcards for them. You can personally design your own postcard, whether it’s for your family or business colleagues. You can even make it a business if your family and friends will like your postcards. They don’t have to buy postcards for their family as well because you can make that for them.