Happy Birthday Sis

Happy birthday sis, may you have a great and wonderful birthday. Parents said; happy birthday too, we love you… Have a blissful birthday..

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Kids in Formal Clothing

These are my sister’s two adorable kids wearing their formal attire. The little pretty girl justine and handsome jake.


Car Accessories

While the mother is busy keeping the house clean, neat and free from harmful thing for the kids the father is mostly the one in-charge for the family car. Keeping the engine running and safe, installing car accessories safety precaution to keep the whole family safe during travels, sending or picking up the children in schools, a comfortable and cool ford f150 seat covers for your family car is perfect during long travel. And you can also choose the fabric that you think is best for your ford cars, leatherette, microfiber or deluxe leather seat cover. Choose your ford seat cover for the whole family to enjoy driving and riding.


Clean-up Act

I don’t know what’s gotten to me earlier, because I finally finish my clean-up act (washing dishes). Being lazy is really a big problem to me. I can’t tell myself to move right away especially if I am in front of the computer or I am already lying in my bed. My mother always told me that I am really a lazy person and I admit it anyway (even if I don’t) because I also have proof that I really did suck in cleaning the house or any houses in that matter. Cleaning is not one of my attractive treats because I don’t know how to squeaky clean the house. I even don’t know where to begin my cleaning act 101 hehehe because I need to finish all the pending cleaning in the house before me and the pets travel to General Santos to spend Christmas in the parents’ house and to save me from spending. Wish me good luck guys and gals..


Miss my sister’s coffee

The parents and I are not very picking in choosing what kind of coffee we drink. My mother is more on instant coffee because we don’t have coffee make, but last year my sister gives us a coffee maker and a few pack of maxwell coffee, so we don’t have to buy tasteless coffee brands anymore. And since we don’t know how to use the coffee maker especially my mother, she taught us how to make a delicious coffee using maxwell coffee. It was our first time to taste coffee like that because we’re not really use to drinking coffee in a coffee shop because it’s expensive. Now, we can drink and make coffee the US way.