The Family’s Something Old

I hate looking at my old photos but I love looking at this photo, maybe because I was very little in this photos. I don’t like my old photo because I was so thin and ugly back then (ahemmm).

My mother and aunt (mother’s sister) with my three older siblings and cousins.
With my siblings and aunt.

Number One on My Wish List

I don’t know much about cooking and baking but if one of my friends or family would give me a wonderful mixer like the one in the photo, I would try my best to know cooking and baking especially now that Christmas is just a few days away. It would be perfect for the house because this mixer I really want design to minimize space in the kitchen, so cooking and baking would be fun unlike those kitchens mixed that occupies big space that the person cooking can’t move easily. To know about this mixer that I am talking about, revashelf mixer lift, and you will know why this is the number one on my wish list.


She did it again

I never really thought that people can do such a thing to the old folks. The parents were very nice to her during the years she stayed in the parents’ house. We all want to have a happy family to cherish and treasure. But maybe not all of us are like that; maybe some people have their own category when picking a person to be a part of their family. Marrying or loving someone and not accepting the people who has the big part of that someone’s life are really a cruel thing to do especially if they don’t do anything bad to you. In a way, you just accept a single part of that person whom you love and not the whole being.

Not respecting the old folks is not acceptable but hiding from them when all they want is to be part of the niece milestone is really cruel and degrading, as if my parents ask money or anything from you. Aren’t you tired hiding and running every time the old folks tried to see their grandchildren? How many times you act like an idiot towards us. My sisters experience it and I did experience it too and now you did it again? Shucks! Is that really your real attitude? I just zip my big mouth last year but really girl? Do you have to do it again and again? What would be your excuse this time? I just hope the thing you did won’t back fire to your in the future. “A family rants moment “


Home Beautification

I always complain about cleaning and maintaining the house clean and pleasant to the eyes. And yesterday, I went to the new open mall to look for affordable linen throw pillows to replace the old ones because it’s already very old and I wanted to have a new throw pillow for our living room sofas and bedroom. I already visited the nearby mall but they don’t have stocks for the throw pillow that I was looking for. It was really hard to look for linen throw pillows in that new open mall because I am not familiar with their stores. And after a few hours of looking and asking about where I can buy it, I end up searching online instead, less hassle and I don’t have to walk hours to look for a throw pillow. So far I found few interesting decorative throw pillows to make the house look homey again. Maybe I could visit that mall again soon and just explore for a change to familiarize it, so the next time I look for something, I don’t have to walk hours and ask somebody where that certain stores location.


The little miss wearing eyeglasses

Isn’t she the cutest niece ever? hehehe. She really look cute wearing mommy’s eyeglasses.