TV shows to look forward every week

It’s a nice feeling when you think about the old days, when you’re still together with your other siblings watching your favorite shows on TV local or US TV shows. I still remember when my other three sisters and I always look forward to watch new episode of Dawson’s Creek then later on Grey’s anatomy, Desperate Housewives and many more nice US TV shows. But since I am the only one left because all of them are busy with their personal life and family in the other part of the planet (US and Kuwait) and I don’t have TV actually so I just watch online, I am left alone to watch and look forward for new and fresh US shows and episode of those TV shows. And for the past months my attention was focus on these TV shows in the US.

Once Upon a Time, New Girl, and How I Meet your Mother and the latter I bought the previous CD’s because some of the episodes links are been remove by the servers. Sometime I just wish I have cable so I can watch all the shows local and international but how can I use a cable TV if I don’t even have a small or cheap TV set, good thing I have internet connection even if most of the time I have to endure the lousy connection just to watch my US TV show pastime.

I’m on my season 2, episode 5 on this one and looking forward for the episode 5 later.
I finishes the season 1 on this one overnight and now I’m watching the season 2, episode 6 and still waiting for the show to load….. buffering…..
And I really enjoy watching this show, How I Meet your Mother. It’s a very funny show just finish season 8, episode 5. Will be waiting next week for the episode 6, I hope they upload it soon….

If you want to have fun and laugh just seating or lying on your favorite bed or couch at home, watching these shows will to the trick.. Happy watching!!!


Simple and Cheap Gadget Wish

I can’t afford to buy new cellphone and notbook so I just go online (google) and stare at these gadgets that I really, really want to own hehehe.

Samsung Corby 2, been wishing to have it since the very beginning. Like the yellow corby 2.
Netbook, any brand will do as long as everything is intact and functioning.. hehehe

Niece and Nephew Again….

It’s been awhile since the last time I saw my older sister’s two little dragon’s on photos. My parents and I just wait for their new photos to upload on the sis FB page. And here is not so new but still new to me and the parents. We love looking at their happy photos always. My mother even develop some of it and put in a frame then display them in their new house. Don’t you love looking at your nieces and nephew having fun time?


Trick or Treat

Here are the nephew and niece doing trick or treat in their very cute Halloween costume.

The niece is so cute with her I think bee costume and cuteumbrella and the nephew being the batman. The bee was escorted by batman, hehehe!.. So cute.


Two Picture of Death

The Bible’s picture of death is clear:

  • Death is the absence of life.
  • The dead are unconscious.
  • Death may be likened to sleep.
  • The righteous dead sleep until Jesus comes.
  • At His coming, they are resurrected to live with Him forever.

The devil’s counterfeit of death is also clear:

  • There is an immortal soul that leaves the body at death.
  • This immortal soul has thoughts and emotions.
  • The dead can communicate with the living.
  • Communication with the dead brings insight from beyond the grave.
  • Immortal souls seek to communicate with us daily.