Family Planning Early

More women are delaying childbirth for careers but new research provides an unexpected incentive for starting a family early. Doctors have found that the older the mother, the greater the baby’s risk of Type 1 diabetes, rising 25 percent with each five-year jump in age. A 45 year old mom has three times as likely as a 20 year old to have a diabetic child. According to my reading. If this is true and I wish not because I’m in my early 30’s right now and still no baby.


Personal Beliefs Matter

Studies reveal that when children develop a relationship with God, they are less prone to develop relationship with drugs. But in order for this relationship to work effectively, it must be a result of personal choice and not a force adherence to religion because the latter might only lead to rebellion. Columbia University research shows that personal spirituality prevents adolescents from getting attracted to drugs and alcohol.

And because personal religious belief really matter to us, we must guide the little ones to the right path. Introduce them to some religious organization for them to be more active in church and not be hook on drugs and alcohols.


The Perfect Gift

Have you thought about buying your little ones a nice musical gift? I am still an aunt but I want to give the little niece or nephew a nice and fun gift like a tool for playing drums, for them to learn how to play some instruments at their early age. We all know playing guitar is cool and fun but what could be more fun for the nieces and nephew to learn the two musical instruments since I don’t know how to play the guitar and drum. I wanted to learn though and I am still trying and hopefully I will succeed. Playing with your drum set with a quality drumstick is cool because you will enjoy the sound and tones it brings. This beauty would make the perfect gift for the little ones this Christmas, what do you think?


Did you Know??

Do you think that men have bigger brains? Well, i just read something that, the male’s brain is usually bigger that that of the female but it doesn’t mean that men are smarter that woman. The male’s brain shrinks three times faster than the female’s brain after he reaches 18. Hmmm, interesting! And a person can live for four days without food, four days without water, and four minutes without air (just a thought). ;-)


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