Emotional Difficulties: The Hard Truth About It

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When we loss a loved ones or have a very hard aching problems, our friends often encourage us to talk about our grief or problems. But sharing the sorrow and heartache is helpful only up to a point. Dwelling too much or far too long about the loss can be bad for our long-term emotional health. When we speak about our grief and loss, sometimes we can get trapped in the rumination or distress, which actually slows emotional recovery. It is harmful for us to go over the same memories relentlessly. Mourners and moving on needs to come to terms with the fact that our lives will go on regardless how painful it is. But is doesn’t mean that we should forget that certain painful events and loss, its just that we should try to keep perspective.

Don’t go to the opposites extreme, however, and cut our-self off. One of the greatest emotional difficulties that a bereaved face is loneliness, but family and friends are always there to give a helping advice and shoulder to cry on in mourning a loss and heartache.


Are your kids too friend-focused?

Most of the kinds today are more in-to-their friends that bonding with their family. I remember when I was in my elementary years that I want to spend more time with my friends rather than my family. Maybe because most of the parents are too busy thinking for their children’s future that they forgot to spend quality time with their children and that is not bad at all because they only want what’s the best for the kids future. We wonder, why would a fifth grader rather be e-mailing and going out with his/her pals than watching TV with the parents. More and ever-younger kids are being influences by their friends rather than their parents.

Few modern families have time for the everyday rituals that once kept families close, so today even preschoolers may look to their friends as role models. As a result, they can be influenced in ways their parents disapproved of. To win the kids back, stay close by being physically and emotionally involved and affectionate. And make time for new family rituals, such as going to church every Sunday and eat out as a whole family after or Sunday-morning pancakes breakfast with the kids. In that way, the kids will start to be more close and open.



Love the M&M’s chocolate.

This is my sister with her friends and her kids friends…. What a yummy background.



Just last Monday our dog conan (a rottweiler) had an operation. I really don’t know what its called but it’s like the skin has water inside and it’s getting bigger and bigger by the week. When he got his check up, the vet said he should be operated and last Monday it happen. He got his operation, sad to say I was not there to take picture because I was busy cleaning the house and washing my clothes. The big puppy was tired after the operation so we let him sleep in my room so he won’t be running around and playing with the little puppy but he still have to go back next week for another check up and to removed all the water inside.

This is the size of the thing that was operated on monday..
Ugly right? the vet said this happens because this big puppy is always lying when he eats and this is what happen to him.


Still in the planning mode

Last week, I did buy few of the materials to make the house clean and easy in the eyes but I’m still thinking what to do first. My pot is still outside hanging and the seeds are still in the plastic container waiting for me to pour it in the soil. This is what happens when the weather is very cold hehehe. All I want to do is sleep and stay inside in my room because it’s raining outside. I start the cleaning but only a little and still thinking where I would put the stuff that is not needed. I still have to look for a cheaper paint because I ant to repaint the rooms wall. Too many things to plan but it’s hard to start from the beginning especially if you don’t know where to begin.