A Very Late Birthday Celebration

This is my younger brother son Xavier Isaac and this little guy is already one year last June 6, and today is his very late one year birthday celebration. I don’t know why it’s late but it’s better late than never. And maybe the parents just prepare a small feast in the actual date of our little ice (isaac’s nick name) birthday. My parents also are their to witness the celebration and here are some of the photos.

The cute birthday celebrant….
The grandparents, in the father side, my ever loving mother (tata) and father (dodong) hehehe with the mascot jollibe.
Chocolate cupcake, yummy. hehe (obvious…)
The goody bags, children will definitely love enjoy the giveaways..
Isaac and the rest of the children….

While Cleaning Our Bookshelf

The good thing about having a parents that value old stuff and things is that the possibility of inheriting it, hehehe. I always complain about my parents not throwing the old and broken furniture or stuff inside our house because it holds value to them. And we still have those stuff stock in our handy dandy bodega because I don’t know where to trow it. Yesterday, while cleaning my sister’s bedroom, I found valuable things me and my sister owned. I found my passport that I forgot where I put it, flower design silver rings, owned by my sister and a few bracelet. Some are handmade bracelet, wooden bracelet with our zodiac sign on it and a silver bracelet as well. But most of all, I finally clean that rooms bookshelf and arrange our old books, pocketbooks and the decorative are in the proper places minus the dust hehee.


TOO Much To Handle

Living alone with no job and less opportunity can make your mind ache too much. Life give us choices, but don’t give us a clue which one is the right one. You just take the ricks and deal with the consequences of your choice. I made a lot of bad decision in my life, in all aspect and I’m still trying to overcome some of those and regretting some of it at the same time. But as they all say ” life must go on and we should move on ” in order to experience new things and face new trials and overcome it, the soonest and fastest way we can.

And just like what I always say to myself every time hardship and struggles come; Always! always think positive and just think of the good things and try not to think to much of the bad because that will always keep us low and defeated as we go on live the life that we want.


Too small for them

Just like humans, we want bigger space if we plan to have a big family. We want our children to play, run, chase and enjoy the life as a child. But how can we if our space is not that spacious? And the same as we plan of having a pets like dogs, cats or rabbits or any kinds of animals that we want to be our companion while waiting for our own family to come. For me, I want my dogs to run and chase each other but I can’t give it to them because my place is too small for them. I’m not saying that they can’t run or chase each other, they can but only limited space. And they can only do that if they are inside our house. I removed some of the stuff inside our house , so they will have space if they want to play with each other.

Having four dogs or even three dogs and one cat is too much for a place like mine. I don’t want to give up one of them, actually, I was dying to have another dog but that would not be advisable considering three is already hard for me to handle. Especially if you want to take them for a walk, not a good idea. So, if you like to have a pet, you should considered the space and time you can give them. Because you adopt a pet because you want companion and pets are always loyal to you no matter what., if you know what I mean.


Green Green Grass of Home

How I miss the good old days when I know all our neighbors and I can see lots and lots of greens. The fresh air, the pineapple plantation that is very abundant and the forest near our house. We have a very spacious bermuda grass, butterfly trees and the camp site visit for a few hours chatting and playing. And most of the time we pick some vegetable along the road because most of our neighbors love to plant vegetable beside the river and no one will question us because we’re all friends and the land is free. But since we move to the city and our house is located at the very not good environment. Mostly small houses that is very near to each other, I can’t even smell fresh air anymore and we can only grow flowers and plants in a pot because there’s no enough space for a small garden or even a playing space. But what can I do, that was not our land, it was owned by DEL MONTE and it so happen that old owner (american) sold it to the lorenzon’s and they have to change management and policies. And most of the old employee including my father choose to accept early retirement than work in an agency. Hmmm, If we still live in that place until now, I don’t need to pay large amount of electric bill because I don’t need an AC and I can use the electric fan only in the afternoon. Too much for my green green grass of home memories.

The park but we called it PLASA.. Have a small snack bar at my back and a basketball court. We always play Volleyball for the girls and basketball for the boy and the kids just playing chase every afternoon. Missing those..
The camp site, sometime reception wedding’s are held here, because on the top portion is the church location. Very convenient for the visitors and to the married couple.
This is part of the pine apple plantation and it suppose to have pineapple plant here, but I guess they preferred bushes. hehehehe

Green Monday